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Genesis Custom Villas





Low Cost Genesis Mini Shires 
624 Sq. Ft. Homes

The benefits of living in a Genesis Mini Shires may seem obvious to many. Keep
your hard-earned money for yourself to enjoy!

Mini Homes were frequently underestimated and under appreciated. The average
Tiny/Mini Home costs less than 20 percent of an average-sized home. The lower
costs are just one reason most tiny & mini home dwellers own their homes.

The financial benefits can bring an enormous feeling of security that has appealed
greatly too many, including:

  • ·       Young Adults - just starting out in life; not wanting to be tied down to
    lengthy and expensive mortgage payments.
  • ·       Empty-nester's - Having no desire for the extra expense and upkeep of
    a traditional sized home.
  • ·       Retirees – Living on a limited income, and wanting to experience
    financial freedom.
  • ·        Less stress and more freedom to enjoy doing the things in life that
    bring you true happiness.

While living in a Genesis Mini Shire may seem like a sacrifice to some, for those
who choose “mini-home life”, the rewards are often enormous.
  • ·       Homeowner ship
  • ·       Low utility bills          
  • ·       Financial freedom
  • ·       Self-satisfaction
  • ·       Quality of Life

When you invest in a “Genesis Mini Shires” your possibilities are limitless:
1.     Third Party Rental Management (Bed & Breakfast)
2.     Rental Homes
3.     Lake Cabins
4.     College “Shires”

*Target Markets: Owners with tracks of land can populate their property very quickly
and in an affordable manner, by combining Genesis Mini Shires and utilizing third
party Management Company; which can generate an immediate, steady & insured
income stream.

Reasons to Partner with Genesis and its affiliates”:

1.     Insurance: 1 million U.S. Dollar Insurance policy on reducing home owners
liability, for home owners that would like to rent out their properties.
2.     Payment: Rental units are paid in advance, prior to use.
3.     Bookkeeping: Provided for Home Owner..
4.     Owner Controls Days & Times: Owner has full on-line control of designated
times & availability; Renter is able to select desired times; with an online availability
schedule a renter can immediately see what days are available for rent.
5.     Extra Income: From saving for home repairs to taking a dream trip, use the
extra income to fund your passions.
6.     Support: Get tips and tools and connect with other hosts like you from around
the world.
7.     Advertising:  Provided Nationally, as well as Internationally, thus, providing a
steady flow of clients.
8.     Flexibility: As the host, you set your price, based on market conditions. Also,
you pick the times are most convenient for you and your family; and the frequency.
In other words, you are in total control of your rental units.

Frequency Asked Questions:

1. Does the home come with a floor, or is it setup on a concrete slab, or only
floor tiles come with the home?
These units come with floor tiles, that are installed on top of a concrete slab the
Buyer prepares.

2. How is the Potable, Grey and Black water distributed thought out the home?
The location of the gray water pipes from the home drain out to the existing
underground pipes, as well as, sewage treatment according to the local codes.
Your local contractor should be able to help you with this.

3. What is the composite that the exterior wall is made of, and how thick is it?
Exterior walls are made up of EPS sandwich panels, two ends are 0.3mm or 1/64
inch thick colored steel sheets; the Center section is fire proof foam. Total 100 mm
or 3.93 inches thick. Optional: 150mm /  5.9 inches EPS Walls
EPS sandwich wall panels and its manufacturing process is one the most
advanced inventions  in the factory automation equipment. EPS and steel into a
whole unit, thus changing the way of the EPS plate is assembled at the site.
EPS meets the requirements of the building codes: thermal insulation, sound
insulation & fire protection achieve an efficient, high end, reliable and safe wall
component. These sophisticated products are in use in Europe through a wide
range of applications.

4. Is there a ceiling inside the house, and, if so, how far is it from the roof? How
much attic space is available, if any?
Yes, there is an affordable Gypsum board ceiling; it is around 700 mm or 27.5
inches from roof. There is no attic space available.

5. What are the finishes for the interior wall and the exterior walls that are
included in your quote?
As for interior walls, home buyer can paint or wallpaper walls interiors, exterior wall
coverings made of
WPC are included and come in a variety of colors according to
Buyers taste.

6. How many electrical outlets and light fixtures come with each home?
We will provide electrical system drawings for all rooms, wires are generally
passed via the roof. Will meet all building codes according to your township.

7. Can you send us specs and prices on the solar water heater?
Around 20 heat pipes, water storage capacity 200 L or 52.83 Gallons, water
temperature is around 80℃ or 176 degrees F. Price is based on quantity
purchased. Normally 3-4 persons daily usage.

8. Heating and air conditioning? Do you recommend a unit for this house based
on our temperature in Fayetteville, Arkansas?  25 degrees to 100 degrees
We recommend a solar assisted energy efficient
split heat and air units as one
the option of HVAC .Once we know the size of the living space the Client requires in
the Shire, we will advise the size.

9. Hookup on Utilities; Water, Electric & Gas.
You need to coordinate this according to your cities local codes.

10. Please confirm roof type. Shingles over what material?
Double slope roof on an EPS panel and asphalt  shingles.

11. What is the tested wind factor on the buildings exterior walls?
Above 8 wind factor, approx 80-100 mph

11. Shipping Details:
One 40' HC container can load 1-2 houses depending on style; this also includes
all amenities listed in our packing list. Please provide destination city, zip code and
unloading entrance details for an accurate delivery quote.

12. Building Codes:
The homes will be built to follow the guidelines of the specific township building
codes. The Buyer will provide a copy of the required codes to Genesis for the home
final destination, to be incorporated into the home design plans.

Construction Video YouTube Affordale Housing

Villa Video

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