About Our Business

When we started doing Economic Development Rehab Projects in
Springdale, Arkansas back in 2011, the Historic Downtown Main Street area
was a settlement of 80% empty store fronts.

Since we have been pursuing our endeavors, the start-up of new
businesses and city beautification projects in the area have multiplied
bringing in other heavy money investors, such as the Springdale City
Governance, The Walton Foundation and Tyson Foods, each have
committed themselves to area economic growth.

In 2014-15 the national media and the
Wallethub.com analysis of more than
500 cities nationwide ranks Springdale the sixth fastest growing city in the
The report uses data from the US Census Bureau, the US Bureau of Labor
Statistics and the Bureau of Economic Analysis. It identifies ten key areas,
including overall population growth, job growth and income growth.

Developments in the Historic Downtown District of Springdale, AR

1) In July, 2014, the Walton Family invests to rehab a city block (Ryan's
2) The Tyson Co. owns property downtown with plans to expand more office
space here.
3) The historic Apollo Theater was sold in August of 2014 and is scheduled
for rehab.
4) Recently, the Art Center of the Ozarks  went through a large renovation.
5) The Walking Trail which adjoins both Rogers & Fayetteville has a “new
hub” in Springdale!
6) The City of Springdale has committed major funding for their Master
Development Plan.
7) A multi-million dollar city park renovation is under construction at the
Walking Trail Hub.
and more...
About Us

Why us?

Springdale, Arkansas 72764
2015 6th Fastest Growing City in the USA Noted by The National Media

Project History:

In 2011, Genesis began doing building rehabs in historic Emma Avenue in
downtown Springdale, AR (with a 3,000 sq. ft. Pharmacy, a 2,500 retail
space and  the 13,000 sq. ft. Famous Hardware Building, aka “The Art
Exchange” member of National Trade USA barter network.

Today you can witness these viable changes as portrayed by the national
media in Springdale, AR.

Media Links
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Forbes Magazine Affordable Cities

Springdale Mayor, Doug Sprouse says there are signs of growth all over the
city, including infrastructure improvements and private investment in a
downtown revitalization project.

"That's going to continue to take shape over time,” Sprouse says. “We know
that momentum will continue with the Greenway's Trail construction, and
completion, so we're just really trying to take advantage of all these great
things going on and keep the momentum going."
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