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Villas Building Materials Options List
(Doors, Ceilings, Windows, Flooring Wood, Flooring / Walls Marble, Video, Roof / Exterior Wall Specs, etc...)

Our Team is presently involved with the introduction of newly build, affordable, energy-efficient permanent homes for the US markets!

Genesis is currently showcasing our newly built homes available in various floor plans, delivered via ocean containers to the client's property. These homes can be completed erected in less than 45-70 days, on the Client's own prepared slab.

Our packages includes: LGS, (Light Gage Steel), Steel Structure Systems with the following options: Full-functioning kitchen and bathroom facilities; cabinetry; 200 amp electrical systems, and plumbing; solar-assisted mini-split heating and air system; solar assisted hot water heaters; F5 FEMA Certified Storm Shelters and more...

Our homes are available in numerous Floor Plans e.g.: 1,507 sq. ft. home. These can be delivered door to door, to Clients site(s) and can be custom manufactured to the Buyer's specifications - to any size.

Upon firm order, our design department will provide engineering drawings of the Clients' preferred floor plan for the slab design, depending on which option they choose. The new slab takes approximately 30 days to cure, meanwhile, the time to build the Villa to Client's specs and ship to the Client's property site is approx. 60-90 days from order, pending ports congestion. Our logistics will work it so that these run concurrent.

1. Home built on own Clien'ts own parcel / property; onto Clients own slab, with Client's construction crew or ours. (additional fee - if we provide)
2. Purchase turn-key home on Genesis available lots. (Available at this time...)
3. Locoated in Conway, Arkansas sub-division - lots have all utilities.
4. Custom built homes are also available. Can be designed and built to our Client's own specifications. (for an additional fee)

All Designs are LGS framing as shown above.
1. High End: Villa Concepts LGS; Steel Structure System with garage; these are delivered within 30-60 days of delivery to our Client's finished slab.
Developed for the German/Japanese Markets; taking into consideration seismic movements and high winds.
2. Prices is FOB Factory x-works and we will quote freight once we know the exact size, additional details of the home, and destination. The home build-out is additional. We can provide an engineer at the site to supervise construction.

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