International Business Incubator

Genesis provides Economic Development in depressed Main Street Areas
to create low cost housing, new jobs and retail spaces in our communities:

Rehabilitating empty buildings, bringing them up to
present day code with
internal esoteric funding at competitive interest rates, and creating turn-key
merchant spaces, complete with fixtures and inventory that will be available
to our community members to facilitate start-up ventures in downtown

Once established these turn-key businesses can become owner operated.
Alternative Energies:

Providing Alternative Energy Technologies, that have been developed and
proven in Europe and the Middle East in the last 20 years. Increasing the
efficiency of thermal energy production, 24/7 energy storage facilities with
on-demand energy release and reducing the dependency of carbon fuels.

Providing Project Financing at affordable rates via Power Purchase
Low Cost Mini Shire Housing

Providing income streams to land owners who are interested in high
returns on their investment. Short ramp-up time.
Genesis Economic Development
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