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In our last article we postulated two dynamics, one, the man's wish for and fear of the loss of his independence and autonomy, when he enters a committed relationship, and the woman's wish for commitment and security.
Dr. J. Leff
Printing 122004-03

It is obvious that the "nesting instinct" or "security" is rooted in the "biological imperative" to provide secutiry for ones offspring.

These are not really opposing positions, since it offers a man the security of a home life and biological continuity and for the woman a place to entertain her own authority, competence and marketplace for her needs.

Each belonging and complementing each others need systems.


( For discussion purposes, we have ignored the great changes brought about by the woman's having greater economic freedom and opportunity. Never the less in my mind the concept still holds. )

If this is the case what can and does go wrong. One can say almost anything. If a relationship is a dynamic state and not a fixed one, as our life changes so do our needs and expectations.

We all posses an internal gyroscope that balances us, and at times this can be thrown off balance. First by circumstances, and in my mind and experience who we are and where from the past are important elements in the dynamic equation.

Lets talk about who we are and were in the role it plays, at another time.

The role of who we were in the past in an important aspect of who we are in the present.

by Dr. J. Leff

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