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1936 Cafe/ Bistro V
300 W. Dickson St., Fayetteville

This is one of the finest establishments on Dickson St. The ambience is warm and inviting and the jazz music that plays in the background makes this a perfect venue for afternoon business meetings or romantic dinners with your significant other. 

The 1936 Café Bistro V has a wide variety of beverage options not usually found in a restaurant. To accompany your entrée, chose from a selection of 180 different wines, some dating back to 1940.  For the after dinner drink, 1936 Café/Bistro offers an extensive list of  Sherries,  Grand Marnier aged 100 and a 150 years.

An appetizer that has become a favorite to many locals is the Chicken Liver Salad, but don’t miss out on the Steak Tips or the Rosemary Duck.  The specialty items change once a week, but the main courses change with the seasons. The chef will only purchase Black Angus Beef and the seafood is shipped in from four different providers to make sure that there is plenty of variety. In addition to the surf and turf, the vegetables are brought in from local organic growing farmers. 

I enjoyed the Salmon pasta, which had a delightful and delicate taste to it that included onions, spinach, and capers sautéed in a light white wine sauce. The bread that is served is light and fluffy Italian country bread, baked fresh in their kitchen.

Reservations are suggested for large parties. Please call two to three days in advance of your planned arrival. The 1936 Café/ Bistro V also offers private party catering for those special occasions for friends and family. Be sure to call in advance.

[Pricing: $$$$, All major Credit Cards are accepted, dress code is upscale, casual / elegant]

1618 N. College Ave., Fayetteville
Hours of Operation: Tuesday and Thursday from 11am to 9pm. Friday and Saturday 11am-10pm, and Sunday from 11am-8pm. Monday is closed.

If you're in the mood for homemade Mediterranean food, then you will want to stop by and enjoy the delicious menu that Acropolis has to offer.

The atmosphere here is warm and quaint, and you can choose from several different Greek wines or a variety of domestic and imported beers. The lovely owner, Zary has prepared this wonderful array of dishes, so that everyone that visits can enjoy something to their liking. She has been in the restaurant business for over twenty years, and at the location on College for nine of those wonderful years.

I had a wonderful appetizer called the Falafel Encore, which gave me a taste of hummus, dolmeh (vegetarian grape leaves), tabuli (a parsley salad), falafel, tzatziki (yogurt and cucumber sauce) and pita bread. Simply delightful! But we didn't stop there, we wanted to try something with some spice, and Zary recommended the Murg Kuri, which was a wonderful chicken dish that is simmered in a rich sauce and is prepared with cumin, turmeric, ground coriander, ginger root, garlic, and much more!

Most of the entrees are accompanied with a Greek salad and mouth watering Baklava for dessert. Their soup of the day changes as the weeks go by, so don't forget to ask which specialty that they have this week. The falafel is also cooked differently here than in most places, it is grilled instead of fried which provides a low-cal way to eat it! Bon Appetite!

Reservation required for large parties. The hours are:

[Pricing: $$, credit-cards accepted, cash & checks]

4224 West Sunset Ave
Springdale, AR.
Hours of Operation: Monday - Thursday 11am to 9pm, Friday and Saturday 11am - 10pm and Sunday 11am-9pm.

This is definitely a finely tuned tavern to visit if you're in the mood for authentic Mexican food. I was pleasantly surprised when I walked in and saw the vibrant colors that radiated throughout this restaurant. This location has been completely renovated by the new owners and has taken on a whole new look and meaning.

I couldn't help but feel in awe when I stepped into the private dining room and saw a beautiful South of The Boarder mural on the far wall. Everything was super clean, and the staff extremely nice and courteous.

Ajuua’s food complements its Mexican décor by offering exquisite dishes, large portions and reasonable prices. I will recommend Ajuua (pronounced A-WOO-HA) to all of my friends and associates. Warm chips and the somewhat spicy salsa can be accompanied by homemade guacamole that is out of this world! I had the opportunity to meet with the owner, and he was delighted to provide us with some insight into his specialty dishes and recommend his restaurant's biggest sellers.

Ajuaa uses a custom grille to cook their meats. This results in incredibly intense flavors and makes the delicate meats just melt in your mouth. There are several menu items that separate Ajuua from all the other Mexican restaurants. One in particular is their "Carne Asada" which is a beef steak that is broiled to perfection, served with rice, beans and fresh guacamole salad.

Their wide assortment of veggie dishes and combination platters are full of flavors that delight your palate. If you get time for lunch, make sure you stop in to take advantage of their coupons- with the purchase of five lunches and a soft drink; the sixth meal is on the house.

Reservations are required for parties of 6 or more.

[Pricing: $$, credit-cards accepted, cash & checks]

Arsaga’s On Gregg
2418 N. Gregg Ave., Fayetteville

Gourmet coffee bar featuring a variety of hot and cold non-alcoholic beverages, including a good variety of pastries. Eleven espresso drinks are offered, ranging from the “Café Latte” to “Espresso Con Panna.” Also serve cold coffee’s and drinks such as the “Iced Cacao Cloud” and the “Iced SPORTea©.” The atmosphere is subtle, a preference for students and casual book readers alike. If you’ve got homework and want to enjoy a quality cup of coffee, then this is where you want to be. There is a sufficient amount of tables and seating, extending all the way to the rear of the store where there are some couches with a coffee table. Arsaga’s is known for featuring the art work of local artists, and this location certainly doesn’t lack a selection of pieces displayed around the store. Art pieces are available for purchase and are interchanged monthly or as determined by the establishment. Arsaga’s also supports local musicians and poets by providing them with an avenue to share their work(s), while giving the public quality hometown entertainment. This coffee bar has a variety of merchandise available for sale, ranging from t-shirts to coffee mugs. There is also limited outside seating when the weather permits. Some board games are available if you forgot your book(s) at home or are just out for fun and games with friends.

[Pricing: $$, no credit-cards accepted, cash & checks]

Bangkok Thai Cuisine
Address: 311 W. Dickson, Fayetteville
Phone: 479.527-9531
Hours of Operation: Monday thru Friday for lunch between 11am and 2 pm, and dinner from 5pm to 9:30pm. On weekends they are open until 10pm.

Bangkok is a delightful Thai restaurant right on Dickson Street that creates a sense of adventure when dining here. This is a lovely family owned business that moved from Jacksonville, Florida to Fayetteville almost five years ago, and has been a local favorite since.

The restaurant has been designed around two distinctly different dining rooms. The front room is a cozy, intimate room lit by candlelight; the far room is a wide open space with vaulted ceilings and cranberry colored walls.

I had the opportunity to sample their Highland sushi roll that consisted of Red Snapper, Tuna, Crab, Salmon, Avocado, and Cucumber. Absolutely superb! And there are a wide variety of sushi items to be sure to accommodate all tastes. From the sushi roll we proceeded to try the egg rolls stuffed with crabmeat, ground chicken, bean thread and vegetables. The accompanying sauce was a perfect complement to the delicately fried rolls. A mouth-watering salad was served in zesty peanut vinaigrette.

The dinner menu is extensive. You can select from ten appetizers items, nine different soups, some a house specialty only at Bangkok, several duck entrees that are served either roasted, fried, or sautéed and a wide range of seafood entrees ranging from squid to scallops to delicious lobster. In addition there are countless dishes of chicken, pork, beef, or shrimp prepared to your particular taste.

If you're a vegetarian chose from a variety of traditional Thai vegetables, spiced to your liking; mild, medium, or hot. Everything is homemade in the kitchen from the sauces and dressings to the entrees and desserts.

Reservations are required for parties of six or more.

[Pricing: $$$, credit-cards accepted, cash & checks]

Boars Nest -
Fayetteville, AR 72701

If you are looking for a true Mississippi Delta BBQ meal then Boar’s Nest is the place to visit. The restaurant is furnished with large oak tables that offer plenty of elbow room. Will Houston, the owner gave me a tour of the present and a hint of what’s to come in the future.

The menu rarely changes, but there will be several new entrees and sauces added to the catering menu in the coming months. The menu is Barbeque and the meats range from Ribs, Pulled Pork, Chicken, Sliced Beef, Chopped Beef, Hot Links, and Sausage accompanied by a sauce of your liking. The sauces are home made and you can get them as Regular, Hot, and Super Hot. To accompany your selection, chose from Smokey Baked Beans, Baked Potato Salad, Mustard Potato Salad, Garden Salad, and a variety of prepackaged chips.

Each entrée is cooked to order. I chose the shredded chicken sandwich, the baked potato salad, the coleslaw, and the beans. Everything was fresh and delicious!

The bar menu consists of domestic bottle beers and a few house wines. Six packs are available for your convenience, and they even beat store prices!

Hours are Monday – Saturday 11am- 9pm. Sunday 11am-7pm. Reservations are not necessary and catering is available.

[Pricing: $$, all credit-cards accepted, cash & checks]

Boi De Ouro
Brazilian Steakhouse -

741 East Van Asche Dr., Fayetteville
Hours of Operation: Monday-Saturday, Lunch between 11am-2:30 Dinner 5-10pm. Sunday Brunch 11am-3pm.

Boi De Ouro (which means 'Golden Bull') is a continuous service grill house, created by the fabulous chef, Orlando, who has prepared a whole new experience for Brazilian dining.  

The building in itself was designed to be fit for a king. With beautiful architecture, specialty lighting, vaulted ceilings, large columns, this is an experience of a lifetime. For any of you who have had the opportunity to enjoy other Brazilian steakhouses, then you must visit Boi De Ouro, as it is a specialty all of its own.

This is as authentic as it gets, from the imported Brazilian charcoal, to the exceptional Brazilian carvers (called Gauchos) and the secret sausage recipe that has been a Miami favorite for 13 years.

The idea started in 1956, back in Rodizio, Brazil and the word Rodizio means rotate. The servers here rotate as they roam throughout the place serving sixteen different cuts of meat. You have your choice between slow roasted Pork Ribs (Costela de Proco,) a Brazilian Shish Kabob (Espeto Mixto) served with green and red peppers and onions, to a Pork Loin (Lombo) flavored with parmesan, Beef Ribs (Costela de Boi) which is cut from the juicy prime rib, a Rack of Lamb (Cordeiro) which is served as a leg of lamb or as chops. Their Top Sirloin (Picanha) is seasoned with sea salt or garlic, and their Baby Beef Steak (Picanha Nobre), and Flank Steak (Fraldinha) seasoned to perfection. The chicken (Frango) has a few different styles of cuts; you can try a breast wrapped in bacon, or a succulent thigh portion. The sirloin is as tender as can be, but the Filet Mignon was by far, my favorite, which came in four different flavors. The Sausage (Linguica) is seasonal, but is exceptional in taste from a slow roasted perfection.

You are given the opportunity to start with the seasonal salad area, which consists of 25 different salads, 6 hot dishes, 18 different sauces, and 158 different combinations.   Definitely an over indulgence to all your senses, but will satisfy you on a hunger level, with food from all around the world. Everything is exceptional is flavor, texture, and smells.  

You are seated with a multi colored "tag" in green and red which is flipped according to your hunger. Green side signals the "Gauchos" to begin serving the meat, and the red stops the service.

Reservations for large parties.

[Pricing: $$$, all credit-cards accepted, cash & checks]

Bourbon Boy's -
326 NW Ave. Fayetteville, AR 72701
479.695.1010. or www.bboysgrill.com
Hours of Operation: Mon-Sat: 11:00am-2:00 pm

"A New Southern Tradition": With creative menu items such as thumbs & toes, St. Elmo Steak Salad, The Smoop, The Gerg and many more, Bourbon Boy's has brought a new insight of taste to downtown. When you walk in, your always greeted at the door and seated accordingly. The owners are always sure to make you feel right at home. I had the classic spinach dip for an appetizer. It is served cold with bread for dipping- very delightful. For main course, my server Dan, recommended The Malone. This sandwich is served on a hoagie roll, with homemade pizza sauce and a melted three cheese blend...yummmmmy! For your next meal, or a just a night out on the town, I highly recommend you stop by the Friendly Bourbon Boy's for a taste of "A New Southern Tradition".

[Pricing: $$, all credit-cards accepted, cash & checks]

Ella's Restaurant
465 N. Arkansas Ave. Fayetteville, Arkansas 72701
Hours of Operation:
Lunch Monday-Saturday 11-2. Dinner Monday-Saturday 5-10.
Brunch Sunday 11-2

Located within the campus of The University of Arkansas is one of the most notable historical landmarks in Fayetteville – The Inn At Carnall Hall.  This former women’s dormitory is now an elegant hotel and restaurant. My congratulations to the Owners, Alexander, Mary-ship, and Beldin and hotel's General Manager Jason Redecliff for creating such an extraordinary environment.


First, we went to the Lambeth Lounge to unwind from the day. We were greeted by Ryan Polite, who presented himself promptly in a formal manner. "The living room you always wanted with the butler you always needed" he said... How true is that? The soft brown leather couches and the formality of the living room offered a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. It is a great place for an after hours business meeting or a glass of wine with someone special.


From the Lounge we were escorted to Ella’s restaurant and introduced to Kim Johnson, our very attentive and knowledgeable waitress. A few minutes later, the executive chef Travis Maier introduced himself and offered his assistance to any questions we had about the establishment. Meeting him made the whole experience very personable and enhanced that southern tradition of socialization that is so dear to all of us in Fayetteville.


For the appetizers we shared the Spinach-Artichoke Dip and Calamari. Both were prepared exceptionally well. For dinner, we ordered various dishes; a Grilled Chicken Dish prepared with fresh vegetables on a bed of linguini; a Lamb & Lobster dish, prepared with an eclectic taste and sophisticated presentation; last but not least exquisite fillet of skate wing, a seafood delight that Fayetteville has yet to experience.


Dickson staff recommends Ella’s at The Inn At Carnall Hall. – ambiance, fine dining, an extensive wine list and a pinch of history.

[Pricing: $$$$, all credit-cards accepted]

Club 414 -
414 W. Dickson, Fayetteville

One of the nightlife favorites located on the heart of Dickson Street. Club 414 features a full bar with domestic and import lagers. With its seemingly long interior the décor is modern with trendy bar furniture lined up against the wall. There are four overhead television screens displaying a range of programs from sporting games to The Discovery Channel! There’s also a martini menu with a pretty good selection of drinks exclusive to Club 414. The atmosphere is lively, especially on the weekends, and the sound decibels can get pretty high during Razorback football home-game weekends when fans are visiting Fayetteville. Even with the jovial moods and chit-chat there is a good variety of music (that can be heard!) playing in the background. There is no dance floor, but you’re more than welcome to breakout a groove if you feel the urge. Club 414 has a patio that is ideal and usually preferred when the weather is warm.

[Pricing: $$$$, checks & all major CC accepted, 21 and up only, no entry fee, dress code is casual]

Cool Water Village Cafe-
2217 N. College Ave.,

This establishment has been known to locals as Cool Water Cafe for the past five years. It is a fine place to relax, especially in the cigar room, which offers top brand cigars and an excellent choice of top shelf scotches. A soothing and cascading waterfall behind the bar gives it a delightful ambiance. Each Monday night Cool Water hosts a pool tournament that is open to the public.

Rick, the owner, told us that he created the menu, and that his sauces and dressings are pure and natural products from start to finish. The house specialties are mainly focused on their in-house, Hickory Smoked Meats that consist of pork, turkey, beef, prime rib and brisket.   And if you're not in the mood for hickory smoked meat, Cool Water  also offer a full line of Omaha meats accompanied by their burgundy mushrooms that are an exquisite add on to any meal. If meat is not your thing, then experience their wonderful assortment of seafood dishes.

Our appetizers consisted of Cancun Shrimp, which were large coconut battered shrimp with a delicious dipping sauce. Of course we just had to try the calamari since we were told it was the best in town. And they were definitely right! This calamari is certainly something to rave to your all friends about. It came out like a long piece of steak, and was so delicately battered and fried; it makes your palate tingle for more!

Next we tried their beer cheese soup, which is a thick cheese soup that is mixed with Shiner Bock beer. For the entrée, we selected Chicken Orleans which was a terrific blend of spices with pieces of ham and vegetables, with a side of sautéed veggies. And again we were delighted at how flavorful it was!   The meats that are hickory smoked are just delightful, and we had to try the combination platter, which gave us a taste of the turkey, beef and brisket. It was mouth watering, just like every thing else that we ordered.

Monday thru Friday Cool Water offers Lunch Specials at a fixed price of $5.99, the specials change daily.

Whether you want to come for lunch or an evening out with friends and relatives, Cool Water is happy to accommodate you.   For any large parties, reservations are required.

[Pricing: $$$, checks & all major CC accepted, dress code is casual] (Prices are subject to change)

Dickson Theater
227 W. Dickson St., Fayetteville

The only nightclub on the strip! Dickson Theater seems to be the local club goers’ favorite place to hang out, probably due to its vicinity to the other hot spots on Dickson Street. “The Theater” (one of its aliases) features a large dance floor, a stage area, a full bar, a huge projector backdrop, a spacious seating area that extends upstairs, and – get this – chandelier lamps hanging over the dance floor! This club gets packed with patrons each weekend all eager to meet with other friends and have a good night out. There is usually a lot more seating and standing-around room upstairs, which seems to be rarely occupied. One of the best features of “D .T.” (the other alias) is its large patio with seating that faces the [Dickson] street. If you get hot or tired of dancing inside you can step out onto the patio for some air and give your feet a break on one of the many seats out there (of course, this is when the weather is conducive). The gated patio gives somewhat of a teaser to the outsiders looking in and seeing the entertainment they too could be enjoying if they were on the other side of the fence. On the weekends all the hot rotation hip-hop and dance music tracks keep the crowd lively. As the name of this place suggests, it actually operates as a movie theater and live entertainment hot spot as well, featuring independent movie projects and other selected live shows. These events are usually hosted during the week or as scheduled by the establishment. It usually operates strictly as a nightclub on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights.

[Pricing: $$, all major CC accepted, 21 years+ $10.00 entry fee, dress code for gents: collared shirt required] (Prices are subject to change)

Doe's Eat Place
316 W. Dickson., Fayetteville

Doe's - Fayetteville, AR

Doe’s Fayetteville is the perfect example of an all-American steakhouse with a Mississippi bayou twist. Originated by Dominic “Doe” Signa in 1941, this family style restaurant is famous for their daily fresh cut of beef loin aged to perfection for 21 days. I was kindly greeted at the door by Jim and Nelson Huson and promptly seated by a nice and personable waitress, Bethany Robertson. The atmosphere is extremely casual and has sports memorabilia all over the place! It was neat to see past and present coaches' involvement with the restaurant. As an appetizer, we ordered tamales served with a unique, rich chili sauce. For main course, Ashley and Brian- from band: Take Cover, got the famous "fillet" with new potatoes. I tried the porterhouse served with mushrooms and home style spicy fries. The mushrooms! They were sooo good. All I have to say is if you haven't already, I definitely recommend treating yourself to this all around "Fayetteville atmosphere" and fine food!

Doe’s – Bentonville, AR

Doe’s in Bentonville provides you with a great experience. I was greeted by husband and wife and then ushered to my table. My server had good working knowledge and gave me the lowdown on Doe’s history and preparation of the steaks. My meal began with Doe’s Original recipe of Delta Hot Tamales served with a side of chili, then came a Corn and Crab Bisque with plenty of crab meat. Directly afterwards followed the Jumbo boiled shrimp submerged in Doe’s secret blends of spices and Golden garlic butter. Last but not least was my mouth watering Filet, pink in perfection, served with a side of red potatoes and southern style drop biscuits. Now I honestly can say I have experienced one of the “Great steaks of the South.”

[Pricing: $$$$, checks and major CC accepted, all ages welcome, dress code is casual]

Electric Cowboy
2127 W. 6th St., Fayetteville

The most consistent nightclub in Fayetteville! While many nightclubs emerge, enjoy a period of popularity and eventually fade out, the Electric Cowboy, it seems, has so far enjoyed immunity from this trend. Each weekend – in the heat of summer or the biting cold of winter – the “Cowboy” parking lot seems to almost run out of spaces, indicative of busy nights. This club caters to a slightly mature crowd that comes from Fayetteville and other smaller towns surrounding it. Despite its seemingly suggestive name, the Electric Cowboy is quite the melting pot and fun place, playing host to many people from all backgrounds .

“The Cowboy” (as it is popularly called) features two conveniently positioned bars on each end of the large room, a raised and railed dance floor, ample seating area and pool tables off to one corner of the club. This is also probably the busiest club in Fayetteville as it not only stays operational from Wednesday through Sunday, but is also quite busy on each of these nights. On Wednesday night the club hosts “College Night,” focusing primarily on the young crowd. On this night college students with a student I. D., proper I. D. for age verification and a valid membership card are admitted for free. All others pay a fee with proper I. D. and membership.

Wednesday night features hip-hop and dance music selections to keep the 20-somethings entertained. Thursday night is “Ladies Night.” Oh yeah ladies, no cover charge for you all night, as long as you have proper I. D. and membership! The crowd is a little more mixed between the older and the younger crowd, but you’re bound to get a slice of your taste on this night. The music selection is also with more variation to appease the more diverse group. Friday and Saturday are for everyone….come one, come all! If you are not picky about your music selection for group entertainment, but looking for a friendly laid back crowd and out to have a fun time in Fayetteville, swing by the Cowboy! Oh yeah, remember to bring enough cash as credit cards are not accepted here.

[ Pricing:$$, no CC accepted, ATM machine inside, 21 years & up only, $5.00 entry fee with membership, $5.00 to buy membership – membership usually runs till December 31 of each year unless otherwise noted by the establishment – dress code is casual] (Prices are subject to change)

Emelia's Mediterranean Kitchen
309 W. Dickson St., Fayetteville

Emelia's Mediterranean Kitchen is a wonderful place to go for extraordinary food, wine and entertainment. The restaurant is owned by Sara Lusher and George Ouyoumjan who ventured from Hot Springs. They decided to bring their skills and different taste of cuisine to the well diversified area of Fayetteville AR, located right on Dickson St.

The restaurant is adorned with beautiful local artist paintings, which provides a sense of calmness to the surroundings. The most remarkable part about the restaurant is it's name. It is named after Geroge's Mother Emelia, whom also provides the recipes for the wonderful meals. The provisions are based on an Armenian background with a Mediterranean twist passed down from generation to generation.

Emelia's is not only known for their unique cooking, but their wide assortment of wines. Plans of wine testing inductions on the different types of wines shall soon be offered to enlighten all. Therefore, if you are looking for something different from the norm, Emelia's Kitchen is one of the best places around the area to go.

[Pricing: $$, checks and major CC accepted, all ages welcome, dress code is casual]

2175 N. College Ave., Fayetteville

Hours of Operation Monday thru Sunday, 11am to 11pm, or until you run out of money.

Foghorns is a full service bar with a sports bar atmosphere. Owner Jeff Hodges informed me that the sports bar is open everyday of the year except of Christmas Day.

The menu changes every six months or so, and this is the perfect place to cater your party.

Foghorns is reputed to have the ‘hottest’ wings in town with a sauce that is considered ‘Beyond Insanity’. You must sign a waiver in order to eat. The meal consists of five wings basted in ‘Beyond Insanity’ and you have a maximum of fifteen minutes to eat them. If you finish in time, the wings are free of charge, and your picture is posted on the wall. Nine hundred people have tried, and only 70 men and 5 women have succeeded.

There are fifty different wing sauces created in house, therefore a favorite for everyone. I tried a few of the most popular sauces and they were incredible. The Acid Rain and the Spicy Garlic Parmesan were the two that made my taste buds tingle from the savory heat and great flavor.

There are 10 combo meals offered every day as well daily happy hour specials Mondays thru Fridays, 3pm to 6pm, with $1.00 drafts and $5.00 pitchers of beer. Foghorns offers a full service bar. You have a choice of six tap beers, twenty seven different bottled beers and four house wines, two red and two white.

Every Monday and Tuesday from 6pm to close you can enjoy ‘all you can eat wings’ at an affordable price of $9.99. Monday thru Friday lunches offer ‘buy 10 wings, get 5 free.’

This venue has ten TV’s and three of them are big screens. In the summer time there is a large patio outside that caters to live local bands from Wednesday thru Saturday evenings. So don’t forget to stop by for some free entertainment.Reservations not necessary.

[Pricing: $, checks and major CC accepted, all ages welcome, valid I. D. required for alcoholic purchases, dress code is casual]

Green Room
326 N. West Ave., Fayetteville

Are you a pool/billiard shot? If the answer is yes, then this where you want to be! The Green Room features eight 12-foot billiard tables that were recently re-felted. Due to its closeness to the bars and restaurants on Dickson Street it is a favorite for dates (dinner and a game of pool), or just and evening out with friends. The atmosphere is very laid back as the patrons are usually either chatting away, pool stick in hand, or focusing on not scratching the 8-ball! There are muted T. V. screens in each corner of the room, ensuring that you do not miss any of the sports or news highlights of the day. There is also a [genre] variety of music playing in the background via a jukebox machine sitting in a corner of the room. For a few bucks you could choose from a limited selection of albums which songs you want to trigger your pool-shot skills, otherwise the box randomly selects the tracks that are played. The Green Room has a beer bar only. There isn’t the option for cocktail mixed drinks. The closest thing to a mixed drink available is a wine cooler. Table rentals are charged by the hour, eliminating the annoyance of having to get quarters for each game. One really cool benefit offered by the Green Room is the possibility to hangout and enjoy some games of pool with friends that are not 21 years old yet. Being on the Dickson Street scene there are less than a handful of places where visitors below the legal drinking age can gain access to, and the Green Room is one spot that provides such rare access due to its mellow, yet jovial environment.

[Pricing: $$, major CC accepted, pool tables rented by the hour, check with establishment for rental rates, 18 years & up admitted, need proper I. D. for age verification and alcohol purchase, no entry fee, dress code is casual, limited hours of operation, please call]

2905 South Walton Blvb, Suite 9
Bentonville, AR
Hours of Operation: Their hours are Monday-Wednesday: 11am to 10pm and Thursday-Saturday: 11am to Close.

Gusano's is a Chicago-Style Pizzeria that has made its second home in Bentonville. It originated in Little Rock, but saw a need to accommodate us locals in northwest Arkansas that have been looking for the delicious and thick Chicago style pizzas. This roomy space with great Italian food scents, vaulted ceilings, custom made carved granite bar top, and tables that offer plenty of elbowroom, entertains both you palate as well as your senses. Its full bar and Golden Tee provides arcade aficionados the perfect place to play and “toss a few”.

There are five main salads and you can select from a complement of 10 salad dressings, all home made. The Super salad consists of lettuce, tomatoes, mushrooms, green peppers, onions, mozzarella cheese, and your choice of ham, chicken or turkey. Their appetizers are simple, yet delicious, and quick to order if you're looking for a carry out. You can choose from bread sticks with cheese, hot wings, to an infamously yummy pizza or spinach dip.

Their deep dish pizzas are phenomenal no matter which one you choose because Gusano’s takes pride in its homemade dough and in its flavorful, thick tomato sauce. You may choose from their established specialty pizzas, or you can create one to your own liking.

If you're not in the mood for pizza, Gusano's offers a wide assortment of fantastic sandwiches and wraps. If you have a sweet tooth the desserts are authentic Italian!

Pricing: $$, major CC accepted

220 N. West Ave., Fayetteville
Phone 479-973-4782.
Hours of Operation: Open Monday -Saturday 11:00AM to 2:00 AM.  Kitchen closes nightly at 10:00PM.

Grub’s is located behind the Walton Arts Center , at the corner of Dickson Street and West Street . It is definitely a local favorite hot spot due to its spacious interior, a large, well stocked bar and big screen TV’s to catch your favorite sport.

Grub’s is noted for its Monday through Thursday nightly drink specials as follows:

Monday’s specialty is a happy hour from 4pm to 10pm with $1 drafts and ½ off everything behind the bar after 10pm. On Tuesdays drafts are $2, you call it after 10PM along with their all time favorite 2 burgers and 2 beers for $10. Wednesday is Mexican night with $1 Margaritas and $1.50 bottled Mexican beers. On Thursdays you can enjoy the $3 Jaegermeister shots and $3 Long Island Ice Teas.  

The menu ranges from yummy chicken sandwiches to their all time famous burgers. We started with the nachos, which are loaded with cheese, and came with sour cream and salsa on the side. The Pizza Dip was recommended by Grub himself, and this delicious dish tastes like a pizza, with a bean layer and a red sauce on the bottom and a variety of vegetables spread on top. Frito’s are served for dipping.

The buffalo chicken sandwich was superb, with just enough spice to excite your taste buds.  So be sure to stop in and enjoy all that Grub’s has to offer!

Reservations not necessary

Pricing: $$, major CC accepted (Prices are subject to change)

2901 N. College Ave.
Fayetteville, AR
Hours of operation: 11:00am- 1:30 Tues-Sat Mon-Sat. 5:00- 9:00

If you are looking for great food and great service Herman ’s is the place to go. Don’t be fooled by the appearance, because appearances can be deceiving. For as soon as you step inside instantly you are greeted with a hello and a warm smile then promptly seated at next available table. The atmosphere is warm, cozy and just reminds you of home, which is exactly the way they want you to feel. As you sit down to a quaint little table that much resembles a picnic, a server comes with chips and their fabulous homemade salsa. She then asks for drinks and gives time to look at the menu. Returning, the server gives suggestions to the most popular items, which of course is their signature meal: The Filet, made from Prime Angus Beef that is available with their most deliciously famous garlic sauce. In no time you have your starter salad with a choice from their amazing dressings which are all made from scratch. Then not too long after the beautifully presented food arrives and your taste buds begin to dance as they tangle the wonderful Head Chef’s, Matt Coomer, work of art. It is then followed up with a delightful york peppermint patty and prompt attention to clearing any unwanted items. Then the server will give you the bill as you desire and graciously thank you for coming.

[Pricing:$$$$, checks and major CC accepted, all ages welcome, valid I. D. required for alcoholic purchases, dress code is casual]

Kosmos Greekafe
540 W. Dickson St
Fayetteville, AR
479-521-PITA (7482)

Kosmos Greekafe is a brand new establishment on Dickson Street that has extraordinary Greek food at very affordable prices. I was amazed at the wonderful job that was done in order to refurbish this venue as an authentic Greek restaurant.  

The owner, Michael Theodore, took a lot of time and was extremely thorough in explaining the menu.   Everything here is homemade using his family's heritage recipes, and they are incredible! I had the opportunity to try the Chicken Souvlaki (pronounced soo*vla*kee), two skewers of juicy chicken that had been marinated in Greek herbs and spices, and slowly cooked over an open flame.   It was accompanied by deliciously seasoned French fries, pita bread and a side of scrumptious tzatziki (pronounced tza*tzi*ki). Tzatziki is usually a yogurt sauce with spices and cucumbers in it, but I have to admit that this preparation is the best I have ever had.

Another item that sets this authentic Greek restaurant aside from any other is the Spicy Feta Dip. I have never tasted anything like it!! It's a creamy based mixture of Feta Cheese with all kinds of flavors that just burst in your mouth. I wish I could enjoy it everyday!! The Gyro's are one of the most popular items on the menu, and you can get them with beef, lamb, or chicken, stuffed along side tomatoes, onions and the infamous tzatziki sauce. Just heavenly!

Don't forget to try the desserts, as they are just as marvelous as the rest of the menu. I was able to eat a bit of the Baklava, and I have to say, it was mouth watering as it just melted in my mouth. So don't forget to stop in on your next visit to Dickson Street.

Reservations not necessary.

[Pricing:$, major CC accepted, all ages welcome, valid I. D. required for alcoholic purchases, dress code is casual]

Las Palmas
1115 Henry de Tonti East Blvd.
Tontitown, Arkansas

200 West Poplar
Rogers, Arkansas

1084 W. Sunset
Springdale, Arkansas

Las Palmas has several locations, but the one we visited was the location in Springdale. The exterior had several cute, caricature murals painted on the walls and an outdoor patio for dining, weather permitting. The inside is nicely decorated, and there is a wall that is covered in pictures of satisfied visitors, enjoying an evening out with friends.

The restaurant is divided into two sections, one for smoking and one for non-smoking. Each room has large, wide windows that bring in a lot of sunlight. I was pleased to be waited upon as quickly as we were and the waitress guided us in selecting the right type of meal.

There are two types of salsa to choose from, and if you’re in the mood for spicy, then the hot sauce is the way to go. We tried the Botana Caramba appetizer out of curiosity. It consisted of Armadillo Eggs, which got my attention, but they were actually jalapeño peppers stuffed with cheddar cheese and spices. Flauta’s (deep fried, rolled up meat tacos), Cheese Quesadilla’s, and Bean and Cheese nachos were also on this dish.

Next we tried the enchilada’s which was accompanied by rice and beans, and that made it very filling and delicious meal.

Hours of operation are Monday thru Thursday 11am to 9pm and Friday thru Sunday 10am to 10pm. Catering is Available on Request.

[Pricing:$, checks and major CC accepted, all ages welcome, valid I. D. required for alcoholic purchases, dress code is casual] (Prices are subject to change)

Mama z's
Hwy 412 West, Tontitown

Mama Z’s is a long established, family owned and operated Italian restaurant providing fine dining for over 17 years. It is nice to know that both sides of this family originally came directly from Italy, settled in Tontitown and introduced their cuisine to Northwest Arkansas. Their main dining room has grapevines around the windows, and a wall of the Zulpo family history depicting original black and white family photographs. .

Everything that Mama Z serves is home made in their kitchen from noodles, raviolis, meat sauce, salad dressings, french fries, onion rings, bread rolls, and their seven types of jarred jellies. The jellies were created many years ago, by the original owners, and the cherry, raspberry, strawberry, blackberry, grape, peach and apple butter are available for sale to their clients at affordable prices (1 quart of meat sauce $6.95, 1 pound pasta $3.75; one dozen rolls $4.25; ½ quart of jelly $3.25)

It doesn’t stop there. Oh No, current owner Lisa Zulpo-Neil has designed special packages for special people. She jars the homemade meat sauce, and bags her pasta for anyone looking to create an original gift basket. Diners from all over the United States have complimented her by ordering several baskets as presents. Lisa also does large bulk orders for those of you on the run, just be sure to call ahead.

Each day of the week offers special lunch items at a very affordable price of $5.99. Tuesdays is the day for Pork Chops, Wednesday is Chicken Fried Steak, Thursday is Turkey and Dressing, and Friday is Roast Beef, all of which are served with mashed potatoes, gravy, and a choice of vegetables.

There are two kinds of beers to choose from: Bud or Bud Light, and a wine list that consists of a Burgundy, Blush, and a Merlot.

I had the opportunity to try their homemade chicken ravioli. The dish that was incredible! Not only large in size, but also in taste. Their garlic bread arrives thick, crispy and scrumptious. So good that you can dip it in sauce and make it an appetizer. For the main course, Lisa recommended that I try the Fettuccini Alfredo, which is a broad pasta covered in a rich, creamy white sauce that was ‘out of this world’. So stop in to try a new experience and enjoy what Mama Z’s has to offer.

Open Tuesdays thru Saturdays for Lunch at 7am to 2pm and Dinner from 5pm to 9pm Sunday and Monday’s are closed. Reservations not accepted.

[Pricing:$, checks and major CC accepted, all ages welcome,dress code is casual] (Prices are subject to change)

1815 N Green Acres Rd
Fayetteville, AR
(479) 443-3737

For a Seafood lover, this is the place to be! The walls are hand painted by a local artist, and the scene is typical of southern Italy; Blue seas and Mermaids. There are 25 tables and a private dining room for those special parties that we love to throw.

There are a wide variety of entrees to entertain your taste buds, from the fresh baked bread with a glaze of natural butter; to the homemade sauces, dressings, and soup stocks. To go along with the sea food theme, most of the dishes are served in distinct ceramic plates that are shaped like fish. What a way to present the final touch to a delicious dish!

Todd Golden is the owner and master chef, who creates these wonderful meals. We started with the Breaded Mozzarella appetizer, that was different then any other mozzarella stick you have ever had! It was chopped in squares, lightly fried and topped a balsamic vinegar reduction, with a homemade marinara sauce on the side. Next we had the Tomato Gorgonzola soup, with rich chunks of tomato and gorgonzola cheese, in a thick soup stock, marvelous. My colleague had the French Onion Soup with a tasteful golden brown Swiss cheese melted on top. For our main entrée, my colleague ordered the Shrimp and Scallop Pasta as recommended by Damon. As promised, the dish was light and delicate in taste, with olives and sun-dried tomatoes and basil on a bed of fettuccini pasta. I ordered the Coconut Shrimp with a pineapple, red onion marmalade and shoe string potatoes a delightful combination.

Certain days of the week are designated specialty days. Tuesdays are a fantastic treat, all bottles of wine are reduce and daily there are early diner specials between 5:00 and 6:30pm. This consists of five different entrees and includes soup or salad, and also dessert; all for $15.00 per person. The house wines can be purchased by the glass or bottle, and the domestic beers range from $2.50-$3.50 and imports are all $3.50 each.

Damon, our server, was great at attending to all of our needs and made sure that our whole experience was a memorable one.

Reservations are usually required for parties of six or more, but if you want to make sure that you have a table on time, make sure to call ahead. .

[Pricing:$$$, checks and major CC accepted, all ages welcome, valid I. D. required for alcoholic purchases, dress code is casual] (Prices are subject to change)

Mexico Viejo
 2131 W. Sixth ST. Fayetteville, AR 72701
Hours of operation: Mon-Sun 10:00am-11:00pm

Mexico Viejo is an authentic restaurant perfectly situated in downtown Fayetteville, right next to the Electric Cowboy. This makes it convenient to have a tasteful dinner with superb Margaritas, then dance it off on the dance floor.

With the hours of 11 AM to 10 PM, there is enough time for the exquisite lunch and dinner specials, which consists of everything from fajitas to nachos to yummy enchiladas, depending on the month.

When we arrived, we were greeted by very friendly staff that seated us immediately in a very authentic Mexican atmosphere, so much so that it put us into a state of mind where we believed that that we were actually in the heart of Mexico. The restaurant is designed to give you plenty of elbow room to enjoy with your companions and the food arrived in a prompt fashion.

As I sit and think of all the Mexican restaurants that I have been to, this one is definitely at the top of my list. The salsa is fantastic, with the right mixture of tomatoes and flavorings, and warm tortilla chips. I was in heaven! If you want great service, delightful food, and a wonderful atmosphere to sit in, come and see what Mexico Viejo has to offer.

Pricing $$


Noodles is an Italian restaurant strategically placed on College Avenue for the past seven years until the owner, Kirby Walker, decided a different Location!Location!Location! Since it is not a chain, he moved the business to Mall Avenue, and January ‘06 marks the eighth anniversary of its founding. The new location provides a patio bar and a wine garden that will be opened in the spring to host special events.

Although there are set hours for the main restaurant, there is a mixed martini and wine bar inside called Nik’s that is open an extended hour beyond that of the restaurant, and it offers certain menu items for the after-hours crowd. There is also a full bar that offers a selection of 50 different bottles of wine, 17 by the glass.

Kirby is committed to serving high quality products in an atmosphere that is friendly to every occasion. They use fresh roma tomatoes imported from the San Marzen Valley, Italy to achieve the taste and texture to satisfy the discriminating palate. NWA Times Readers Choice gave it “Best Italian” five years in a row, and since everything is cooked to order, you are guaranteed a scrumptious meal every time you visit!

Lunch is served from 11am thru 3pm, Monday thru Friday, and it consists of 16 reduced dinner menu portions. Each entrée is served with the house specialty, warm sourdough bread, a flavored olive oil for dipping, and a house salad.

Reservations are not accepted.

Hours of operation are Monday thru Sunday 11am to 10pm; Friday thru Saturday 11am to 11pm.

Pricing $$

On The Mark

On the Mark is a local favorite to patrons in Fayetteville where they can eat, drink, smoke and watch their favorite sports games on any of the 45 televisions. It is owned and operated by Mark Wright, and this establishment is one of the few left that permits smoking inside the premises.

There is a full bar that includes 16 draft beers, several bottled beers that are imports and domestic, and also a list of house wines. Enjoy a game of pool with your friends on one of 4 tables or visit the game room full of arcade games and partake of daily food and alcohol specials. For parties of 15 or more there is a private dining room free of charge, complete with two big screen televisions.

Hours of Operation: Sunday thru Thursday, 11am-2am; Friday thruSaturday, 11am-1pm.

Reservations needed for parties of 15 or more.

Pricing $

3980 Wedington Dr. #3
Hours of operation: Monday thru Saturday with lunch hours from 11am-2pm and dinner hours from 5pm-9pm. Open Sundays for Dinner 4pm-9pm.

Picasso's Italian Dining is an outstanding restaurant that is owned and operated by one of Arkansas's famous chefs, Juan Barcenas.   He has traveled abroad to many different regions, and has acquired a taste for exquisite meals. Picasso's is not only known for their rich, thick and scrumptious pizzas but also for their mouth-watering pastas and their delicious daily specials.

Their pizzas are specialties in that the dough and their Meat, Marinara, Pesto and Alfredo sauces as well as their salad dressings are all created by the hands of Chef Barcensas.

I had the opportunity to try their new soup called Cippino. It is a made to order spicy seafood stew consisting of Clams, Mussels Calamari, Shrimp, diced tomatoes, and fresh herbs that is just bursting with flavor! If a seafood stew is not your typical order than try the Chicken and Roasted Corn Chowder, or the vegetarian Minestrone Soup, all of which are new to the menu.

Juan is very proud of his choices of imported, selected cheeses, and olive oil. I have to say that I have never tasted a better parmesan or mozzarella cheese. The balsamic vinegar that is used in Juan's delectable recipes has aged twelve years by the time it is bottled.   The Caprese Salad caught my eye, in that it was served with this fabulously aged balsamic vinegar, then it is mixed with fresh mozzarella, tomato, in a lettuce spring mix.   There are also five other salads to choose from, and for an extra charge you can add Shrimp, Canadian Bacon, Chicken, or Smoked Turkey to any of these delightful salads.

Let's not forget my main entrée, which as I was told is a customer and employee favorite, the Penne al Pesto dish, that is loaded with chicken, mushrooms, baby artichokes,   homemade pesto sauce and then topped with fresh tomatoes and feta cheese.   The menu also features eight other meat and pasta dishes, five vegetarian and eight gourmet pizzas.

If you would like to cater to your loved one on Valentines Day, Picasso's invites you to a special evening of dining and wine tasting. Of course the wines were selected so as to perfectly compliment the flavors of each entrée.

Pricing $$

112 N. University Fayetteville, AR 72701
Hours of operation: Mon-Thurs 11:30am-9:30pm Fri & Sat- 11:30am-10:30pm

Powerhouse says it all in the name, and this restaurant definitely has a lot of power. Known for their kilowatts, they also offer dynamic dishes with exquisite taste. If you are a seafood fan, this is definitely the place for you. The appetizers make those taste buds of yours scream for more. The calamari is exquisite in taste and presentation. It is served with a light batter and a dust of parmesan cheese accompanied by the chef's mouth watering marinara sauce. If you are in the mood for crab legs, then Sundays would be the day to get the most "bang for your buck" because they have a ten dollar special for those wonderful little crustaceans.

Powerhouse has such an extensive menu that they make everyone happy. Whether you're dressed in tennis shoes or in a tuxedo, you will always be welcomed. Manager Doug Tomlenson was kind enough to sit with us and give a little background on his place. Powerhouse is located in a very historic building. Dicksonst.com staff recommends making Powerhouse your next stop for a wonderful meal out! (The history of the building is on the back of the menu).

Pricing $$

Rice Village-
 522 W. Dickson st. Fayetteville, AR 72703
Hours of Operation: Mon-thurs 11am-2pm, 5pm-10pm, Fri&Sat 11am-2pm, 5pm-mid-night

California Sushi and Beyond! The Rice Village is a sushi restaurant right on Dickson street. Menu items vary from sushi, sashimi, rolls, steak, salad, and noodle. If you are a sushi fan, you will know what to get. If not, server Yun Choi will fix you right up The most popular item is #27, a Hollywood Maki made with shrimp, cucumber, avocado, crab meat and spicy tuna all wrapped in a bed of white rice and topped with shrimp, avocado, and specialty sauce. For an appetizer, I had the house salad that included a bed of mixed greens, parmesan, sprouts, and their specialty house dressing- very tasty. For main course, I had to have #27. It was everything I was told. Basically, it was good, rich in flavor and fills you right up! The head chef has prepared sushi for twelve years and will be opening up a new one by the mall in about a year.

Pricing $$

708 N. College Ave., Fayetteville
Hours of Operation: Tuesday and Wednesday 5pm-9pm, Thursday through   Saturday 5pm-10pm.

Sassafras is quite an experience and is a recommended Northwest Arkansas favorite.   With owner and master chef, Steve Jenkins, in the kitchen along with Sous Chef, Patrick Reaves, they come up with some extraordinary meals that range from American to French to a bit of an Italian menu.   Everything is served in a romantic ambiance. The elegant, white linen tablecloths and candlelight and the track lighting on the ceilings gives this restaurant a warm glow. The walls are covered by art works designed by local artists and are for sale.

  I was seated by the darling waiter, Vincent, who was quick to help me into my chair and place a white linen napkin on my lap. Sassafras has an extensive wine list and 32 of the wines are available by the glass. Sassafras has the only "keeper system" in Arkansas. The keeper system is somewhat like a beer tap for wine. It eliminates air and keeps the wine at the desired temperature, so that you can purchase the wine by the ounce, glass, or by bottle.  

On Thursday nights Sassafras holds an organized wine flight which consists of six different types of wines and appetizers, all for twenty dollars. Fridays features a live jazz band called Ocie Fisher and Alvin Matlock, who entertain you from 6:30-9:30PM.

When here for dining pleasure, the first food item to come to your table is their lovely bread basket, and it has three different types of homemade bread.   I just had to try the Smoked Tomato Basil Soup that had chunks of homemade mozzarella cheese at the bottom for added texture, which was just delightful.   Next came the Toasted Ravioli, which is consists of fresh Spinach pasta filled with Rosemary Chicken, wrapped in Panko breadcrumbs, lightly toasted and served with their homemade Basil Marinara sauce.   A very popular house specialty is the Duck Quesadilla, which is a smoked duck breast served in cashew butter, topped with a jalapeño jelly.   A highly recommended Entrée is the Buckhead Steaks which are grilled to order and served with a savory steak sauce, roasted garlic mashed potatoes, and an oven-roasted vegetable medley. Steaks are available in a six or eight ounce filet and a ten ounce New York Strip.   Each can be topped with a Maytag Blue Cheese, Sautéed mushrooms, Madeira Cream Sauce, or Caramelized onions.

Reservations are recommended for Friday and Saturday.

Pricing $$$$

Smokey Bones
643 E. Van Asche Dr., Fayetteville

Definitely the premiere lodge-style barbeque and grill joint in town! Located right on Fayetteville’s restaurant row Smokey Bones features cuisines true to the South and Midwest, including servings of assorted barbeque and grilled meats, ribs, steaks, sandwiches, burgers and much more! There is also a full bar serving domestic and imported beers, wines and cocktail mixes and, of course, soda beverages. The bar is well positioned in the center of the restaurant offering a sense of inclusiveness to patrons dining here. The rest of the dining room surrounds the bar on three sides with wood finish tables and booths scattered around the spacious, yet partitioned room. The overall dining room experience is inviting and calm with the fine logwood frames that compliment almost everything in sight – from the walls, to the window blinds to the beams that surround the bar and parts of the dining area. Adding to the relaxation and homey feel are the two fire places – one of them double sided – at two ends of the restaurant! There are a whopping 33 muted television screens all around the room with complimentary remote audio volume controls available to customers so that you can listen to any program of interest without bothering others around you; quite a neat concept. There is music playing overhead with excellent acoustics given the openness of the room; the music is not too loud but audible despite a full house! The natural scenery décor fits the style and mood of the place. Great food, good times and an ambient atmosphere await you at Smokey Bones of Fayetteville!

[Pricing: $$, checks and major CC accepted, valid I. D. required for alcoholic purchases, family diner, lunch specials available until 4pm, takeout and limited catering services available]

424 W. Dickson Street

One of Fayetteville’s newest hot and trendy spots! Since its inception back in late October 2004, this club has seen a consistent influx of patrons eager to have a good time over cocktails and other beverages. Stir is located in the epicenter of Dickson Street’s entertainment strip. Its interior is inviting with modern decorations and bar furniture, and is quite spacious as it accommodates three full bars. The main bar is in the center of the room and extends through a good length of the room. The entire back wall of this central bar is lined with mirrors giving the interior a nice effect, while giving off the perception of larger space. There are television screens all around club airing a variety of programming, from sports to the local news. There is also a good selection of music playing in the background at a moderate volume level to keep the crowd entertained. The second bar is conveniently situated at the upper level at the rear of the room and most certainly helps reduce the waiting time to purchase a drink from the main bar below. This end of the club leads to the back patio. This spacious patio will most likely be used to accommodate more guests with the same trendy outdoor furniture when the weather is suitable. As for the third bar, well you will need to acquire the “Very Important Person” access as it is a private bar for the VIP section upstairs. Yes, true to its trend setting status, “Stir” is the first entertainment establishment in Fayetteville to offer and introduce a VIP section. Entry into this area of the club only requires a decent fee per person, allowing unlimited access throughout the night. Besides the obvious elegant décor, the VIP area is equipped with its own bar, of course, leather couches, chairs and tables and a wall-mounted plasma screen television. This exclusive section overlooks the whole club downstairs and has wall-to-wall, ceiling-level windows that look out onto the [Dickson] street below. Overall, at the rate that “Stir” is going it appears that it will be stirring up the entertainment scene of Fayetteville for a while!

[Pricing: $$$$, checks & all major CC accepted, 21 and up only, no initial entry fee into the club, $15.00 entry fee each to VIP section or as determined by the establishment, VIP section available for reservations please call, dress code is casual/semi-formal] (Prices are subject to change)

318 N. Campell Ave.
Fayetteville, Arkansas 72701
Hours of operation:
Dinning room open 5:30PM to 10:00PM Monday to Friday
11:00PM Weekends
Bar till 2:00 AM

Theo's is a new upscale restaurant strategically placed just off Dickson St. in the Ralston Building. From the candlelight tables to the custom woodwork with an open patio, Theo's is designed to please everyone's pallet.

Their bar is stocked with top shelf liquors and an exquisite wine list. Martinis are a specialty and the use of home made syrups and chilled 12 ounce glasses make each martini a new experience. You will not find any schnapps here because all the ingredients are natural, which makes the drinks superior to any other restaurant in northwest Arkansas.

Gourmet chef, Derek Nacey's, menu includes everything from fresh fish (flown in regularly) to Rib-eye, flavorful chicken, Pork, Rack of Lamb and grilled tenderloin. The intention was to present simple, elegant flavorful entrées that build on one another.

We started with the mussel appetizer that excited every taste bud on my tongue, followed by prosciutto with nut encrusted goat cheese, mingling a sweetness and a salty delight; all in one combination. The entrées are generously portioned. The seared tuna filet was served with a delicious caper emulsion pasta. Nothing short of FANTASTIC! The roasted chicken and potato dish was properly marinated in a broth and accompanied by a side of mixed exotic mushrooms and green beans.

The desert was my favorite part of the meal, and with Scott's recommendation of the molten chocolate cake, I was in heaven. This luscious desert screams ecstasy as you dig in with your spoon, because the chocolate fudge melts right out of the cake. Simply marvelous! The honey dew sorbet was also a delightful end to a wonderful evening. It came with an ah....

Make your reservations now!

Free Valet Parking, it's a God send !

[Pricing: $$$$, checks & all major CC accepted, reservations suggested.
Dress code is upscale, casual / elegant]

The River Grill

I was immediately impressed from the entrance way with the layout of The River Grille. If you’re a smoker, then you need to head for the bar, because smoking (and cell phones) is not permitted in the dining area.

Although, the River Grille was established in 1999, the ambiance here is an old fashioned, big city style steakhouse with Arkansas flair; from the pressed tin ceilings in a quaint brick building, to the mellow background music which compliments dinner conversations. Friday and Saturday the Baby Grand Piano is played, compliments of the house. With the ‘popping’ of the white linen napkins to the stone fireplace in the dining area, makes this is by far one of the most elegant restaurants in Northwest Arkansas.

We were greeted by the general manager, Brenda Swango, who was able to give us a bit of background on the local restaurant, and how it came to be. Greg Chapman seated us in a very comfortable, relaxing booth, lined in a rich, cherry wood and leather seating, then ‘popped’ our napkins and made sure he crumbed our table throughout the evening. Mark Reeves, the chef, came to greet us and to introduce his specials of the night. (Which were simply magnificent!)

We tried the Bronzed Diver Scallops, which were two large scallops presented atop of a coconut risotto that was cleverly placed on top of sea shells. Next, we had the Sliced Tomato and Onion Salad that was accompanied with Stilton Bleu Cheese and homemade Italian vinaigrette. And the steaks were phenomenal! Each steak and chop can be prepared ‘Pepper Style’ or ‘Oscar Style’ or served with shrimp, scallops or ½ pound of Alaskan King Crab Legs for an added charge. I had a craving for a chicken dish, and the Chicken Saltimbocca was recommended and consisted of pan seared chicken breasts, shaved Prosciutto, Sage, Mozzarella cheese that simmered in a Mushroom Marsala sauce. Fabulous!

Due to their extensive wine list, The River Grille has been recognized in Wine Spectator for the last four years. There is a long list of fine red and white wines that range from 150-200 different choices and the price range is anywhere between $20 and $300. If you prefer champagne or sparkling wines prices range from $35 to $300.

The food and the presentations were phenomenal. And I would recommend this restaurant to anyone who has not yet had the opportunity to experience it.

Hours are Monday –Friday 11-2:30 Dinners: Monday 4:30-10pm, Tuesday-Friday 4:30-9:30 and Saturday 5-9:30pm

[Pricing: $$$$, checks & all major CC accepted, dress code is casual/semi-formal] (Prices are subject to change)

Venesian Inn
Hwy 412 West, Tontitown

The Venesian Inn is an ol' time favorite for our ol' time locals! For almost 60 years, this restaurant has been a familiar part of the Northwest Arkansas community.   An Italian native, Germano Gasparotto opened the restaurant in 1947, and the original wooden tables, whitewashed brick walls and hardwood room dividers that he installed are still present today.

All the food here is home made, from the pasta, the ravioli to the sauces, bread, and even salad dressings. I was in an Italian heaven! Everything tasted phenomenal! And it doesn't stop there, if you want to purchase any of the above mentioned items, they are available at a bargain price.

I had the opportunity to try a combination platter designed by the lovely Linda Mhoon, which is called the Venesian Inn Sampler. It consists of a combination of their biggest sellers.   It includes their all time famous fried chicken that is seasoned, breaded and fried to perfection, and smothered in a rich marinara sauce; homemade fettuccine cooked al dente, then covered in a creamy alfredo sauce; a rich, three cheese lasagna topped with meat sauce and parmesan cheese. Excellente!  

If you're in the mood for a steak, then you have several different cuts to choose from sirloin, to a hamburger steak, or a small to medium T-bone, depending on your appetite, Linda certainly aims to please. By the way, all of these delicious entrees are served with an Italian salad, and homemade rolls.

When you're here, you're just like family!

Open Tuesday through Thursday from 5:00PM to 9:00PM and Friday and Saturday from 4:00PM to 9:00PM. Will open for   special days when the University of Arkansas has game days. Reservations needed for parties of 8 or more

Pricing: $$, checks and major CC accepted

You Know, Uno?
326 N. West Ave, Fayetteville

Simply the ultimate karaoke experience in Northwest Arkansas! If you think you’ve got mad vocal chords and want to flaunt them then this is the place you want to express yourself. Located just around the corner off main street Dickson, Uno’s (as it is called for short) operates throughout the week as a laid back karaoke bar where friends, business clients and music industry hopefuls can take a load off! The bar has red brick walls for its interior with an almost-but-not-so-much Oriental décor. There is a three way balcony with seating inside the bar that looks down to the seating area below. There is also an exterior balcony upstairs with limited seating pace. A full bar is available with import and domestic beverages. There are seven conveniently placed karaoke screens – including a humongous 52 inch screen suspended above an entry way – to ensure the lyrics are close enough for you and everyone else to sing along. What makes You Know, Uno?! the ultimate karaoke experience? Well, not only are you singing to the guests seated in the bar, but your vocal skills are broadcast through the speakers placed on the exterior of the building audible to everyone and anyone walking or driving through the parking lot nearby! You Know, you better gather your friends and bring your ‘A’ voice because Uno’s is all about great fun, karaoke style!

[Pricing: $$, checks and major CC accepted, 21 years and up admission, valid I. D. required for entry, no entry fee unless otherwise specified by establishment, dress code is casual.


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