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  • Products:
    The Brazilian plantation consist of production crop of 3,500,000 tons of sugar cane per year from which it manufactures 250,000 m3 hydrated alcohol and 100,000 m3 of anhydrous alcohol. With an additional volume 390,000 MT of Refined Sugar in the future.

  • Customers / Market Size / Selling Method:
    The customer base for the alcohol is 80% domestic direct government sales and 20% for export. In previous crops, 9,630,751 m3 hydrated alcohol were made in Brazil and 3,039,797 m3 of anhydrous alcohol, the distillery shared 3% of the internal hydrated alcohol production. It ranked 3rd in alcohol production and the 1st between the distilleries that produce alcohol. In Sugar Cane grinding it ranked 15th moving up two places for the previous year. The distillery will share 15% of the global market.

  • Sugar Quotas:
    For the refined sugar, the domestic market would fall under government quota distributions and the balance would be for international clients. The Brazilian 96/97 crop of 8,479,862 MT for the domestic market and 5,200,000 MT to the external market making a total of 13,679,862 MT of refined sugar production. The distillery will share 3% of the global market.

  • Specific Competence:
    The plantation holdings allow for the acquisition of additional raw material for expansion at a reduced cost by owning its own land. In addition to available long term lease commitments with direct purchase of cane and purchasing new hectares with existing term contracts.

  • Major Milestones:
    The plantation started in 1961 with sales of 700,000 liters of firewater and today has land holdings of over 5,300 hectares and is 100% cultivated. The international sales for the corporation are well over 100,000,000 US dollars with profitable financial statements.

  • Update

    -Brazil sugar production crop year through Oct. 16 was just over 9.3 million metric tons, up 7% from the 8.7 million tons produced in the same period a year ago, the Union of Sugar Agro-Industries of Sao Paulo state (Unica) said. The data refer to production in the Center-South (CS) region, which accounts for 75% of the country's output. In its latest crop update, Unica said 203.7 million tons of sugar cane were crushed as of Oct. 16, up from 191.4 million tons in the previous crop year. The Brazilian CS sugar cane crop is generally harvested from May 1.

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