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Species Identification

    2 to 10 containers per month

    Request for Quote:
    Buyers must present signed Letter of Intent to Genesis.

    Please advise destination point for CFR FO basis.

    Suriname Species

    Plant meassures 15,000 square feet and consists of :

    2 blast freezers with a daily capacity of 44,000 lbs. A temporary cold storage with an equal 44,000 lbs capacity and a main cold storage with a capacity of 500,000 lbs.

    Personnel in Suriname consists of 65 motivated & well trained employees and a staff of 7 persons.

    Company is highly focused on customer service, and dedicated to supply the best products to the client, because we believe that the only way to achieve our goals is through the accomplishment of high quality, reliability, and the best prices to our markets.

    Meest the regulations of the European Council (EU number # SUR/597/117/) for food processing
    and packing of seafood for human consumption and comply with FDA regulations. (FDA number # 11546593442)

    Species we stock are:

    * grey snapper/(cynoscion acoupa)
    * gillbacker /sea catfish/(arius parkeri)
    * seatrout/green weakfish/(cynoscion virescens)
    * tarpon /( trapon atlanticus)
    * butterfish /small-eye croaker/(nebris microps)
    * snook (centropomus spp. )
    * lane snapper(lutjanus synagris)
    * bangamary /king weak fish (macrodon ancylodon)
    * sea caught catfish /(arius proops)
    * grunts /(haemulon plumieri)
    * spanish mackrell /(scomberomorus maculatus)
    * south american silver croaker /(plagioscion squamosissimus)
    * baracuda /(sphyreana guachancho)
    * belt fish /(trichiurus lepturus)
    * atlantic moonfish /(selene setapinnis)
    * white mouth croaker/mangrove snapper (micropoganias furnieri)
    * mangrove crab/ mud crab/(ucides cordatus)
    * blue crab /(calhinectes bocourti)
    * cavali jack /(Caranx hippos)
    * green snapper /barred grunt/(conodon noblis)


    The frozen products are shipped by sea freight in refrigerated containers (20 ft & 40 ft)
    at a temperature of - 18 Celsius degrees.
    Fresh fish and Trial consignments are shipped by airfreight.
    All our frozen products are available in 20 kg or 44 lbs master boxes.

    The above mentioned species can be delivered both fresh and frozen, whole gutted scaled ,
    headless gutted, steaks, fillets skin on skin off packed in bulk or retailbag.

    Aircargo to Miami is availabe twice a week with SLM & Laparkhan service and
    5 times a week to Amsterdam with SLM & KLM service.
    Fresh shipments are done in Styrofoam boxes.
    Some of the species can be shipped fresh.
    For fresh shipments we use 66 lbs (30 kg) boxes with no brand label and address.
    Customer's brand or logo can also be used and different packaging is available on customers request.

    Minimum fresh ordering quantity is 1000 kgs or 2,200 lbs
    Minimum frozen ordering quantity is 1 (one) 20 ft reefer container which holds app. 9000 kgs or 20,000 lbs.

    Accounts payable are done by wire transfer.

    Shipping companies that service our country are: Nedlloyd, Mearsk, Seafreight, CGM and EWL lines.
    This allows us to continuesly export to clients any part of the world

    Request For Quote Form

    Please provide the following:
    1. Container quantity per specie per month
    2. Port of Discharge
    3. Please confirm that Buyer will issue to Genesis an irrevocable, transferable, L/C confirmed by G7 bank, payable at US bank counters with Debit Authority to confirming bank

En-English Fr-French Sp-Spanish

En - Argentine hake; Fr - Merlu d'Argentine; Sp - Merluza argentina
Merluccius hubbsi
En - Whitemouth croaker, Fr - Tambour rayé, Sp - Corvinón rayado
Micropogonias furnieri
En - Striped weakfish, Fr - Acoupa rayé, Sp - Corvinata pescadilla
Cynoscion guatucupa
En - Patagonian toothfish, Fr - Légine australe, Sp - Austromerluza negra

Dissostichus eleginoides

En - Narrownose smooth-hound, Fr - Emissole gatuso, Sp - Gatuso
Mustelus schmitti
En - Common sole; Fr - Sole commune; Sp - Lenguado común.
Paralichtys spp.
En - Argentine seabass, Fr - Serran argentin, Sp - Mero sureño
Acanthistius brasiliensis
Pargo rosado
Pagrus pagrus
Odontesthes spp.
Urophycis brasiliensis
En - Gulf menhaden; Fr - Menhaden écailleux; Sp - Lacha escamuda
Brevoortia spp.
Pescadilla de red
Macrodon ancylodon
En - Argentine croaker, Fr - Ombrine d'Argentine, Sp - Verrugato pargo Pargo blanco
Umbrina canosai
En - Argentine anchovy, Fr - Anchois d'Argentine, Sp - Anchoíta
Engraulis anchoita
En - Tope shark, Fr - Requin-hâ, Sp - Cazón
Galeorhinus galeus
Rouget / Rubio
Helicolenus dactylopterus
Cheilodactylus bergi
Mugil platanus
En - Argentine shortfin squid, Fr - Encornet rouge argentin, Sp - Pota argentina / Calamar

Illex argentinus

En - Shrimp, Fr - Chevrette , Sp - Camarón

Penaeus paulensis

Lithodes santolla

Cangrejo rojo
Chaceon notialis
Caracol fino
Zidona dufresnei
En - Clam Sp - Vieira
Zygochlamys patagonica
En - Caribbean spiny lobster, Fr - Langouste blanche, Sp - Langosta común del Caribe
Panulirus argus (Latreille, 1804)

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