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Mineral Rights Ownership
By Roberta Codemo, eHow Contributor
updated: October 4, 2010

You can sell your mineral rights to a coal company.

Mineral rights give a property owner the right to remove minerals from the land.
The word mineral generally means underground reserves of coal, oil and
natural gas.

Mineral Rights Title Search
Determine who owns the mineral rights. Hire a professional to do a mineral
rights title search. This specialized title search traces the historical ownership
of a piece of property, to locate any separation of the mineral rights from the
surface property. This documentation is normally indexed under the name of
the person who conveyed the mineral rights.
Fee Simple Estate
Fee simple is the most basic type of property ownership. The property owner
holds both the surface and mineral rights. The owner controls the surface, the
subsurface and the air above the property, and has the right to sell, lease, gift
or bequest these rights to others.
Fee Simple Transfers
Real estate transactions were originally fee simple transfers. The owner
wanted to sell the minerals beneath his land, while a mining company wanted
to purchase the minerals but not the buildings or the surface. The parties
agreed to share the property. The original owner retained the surface rights
and the mining company acquired the mineral rights.
Property ownership has become more complex with the advent of commercial
mineral production. The leases, sales, gifts and bequests of the past have
produced a landscape where multiple parties have partial ownership of, or
rights to, property.
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