Genesis Corn Exports USA

Genesis Corn Exports USA

    Yellow Corn Grade #2

    Ship from East Coast USA or the Gulf of Mexico

    15,000 MT.- 300,000 MT

    In Bulk or 50 kg poly bags
    All Grain is current harvest year.

    Request for Quote:
    Buyers must present signed Letter of Intent and Bank Confirmation Letter to Genesis.

    Please advise destination point for CFR FO basis. Otherwise we will quote FOB US Port.
    Please provide the following:
    1. Quantity per lift per month
    2. Port of Discharge
    3. Unloading rate guaranteed by Buyer, port discharge & available storage facilities
    4. Draft of port at destination
    5. LOA or Beam limitations at discharge port.
    Payment: Irrevocable, transferable, revolving DLC (for duration of contract) issued by a G7 bank or confirmed by a G7 bank (at Buyer's cost) and payable at sight in the USA with debit authorization from bank to bank.

    Request For Quote Form

Corn Data
Corn LOI PW Required

Genesis Capital Management Group, Ltd.

Tel: 479-361-1211

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