Visual imagery increases the chances of your audience taking in what you are trying to communicate. Since so many people glue themselves to their television sets taking in entertainment, you can take advantage of this by employing our many years of experience to help capture the attention of your target audience.

Commercial Production

Our commercial productions start at basic package pricing, yet for specialized productions we produce an estimate and quote based upon the needs of your production.

Basic Commercial Package

Tailored for small and starting businesses, this package includes 2 hours of shooting and 2 hours of editing time. We will come to your location and shoot the front of the store and primary products, the inside of the facility or other cover-footage, possibly obtain footage of employees and owners, and any other footage needed to visually detail your company.
We then take the footage back to one of our editing suites where we then add your logo and other branding elements with some other basic graphics (such as end tag information, price and item graphics, etc.), a professional voice-over, and royalty-free music.
We have worked with every major television outlet in the area, as well as cable, so we know many details of transferring your finished spot from us to them in the most efficient and quality way possible.

Advanced Commercial Package

This package is identical to the above except it covers 4 hours of shooting and 3 hours of editing time.

Training and Industrial Videos

Technical information in a creative light

Each company must continue employee training on a regular basis. The Twin Springs Group offers creative and informative methods to present an organized and technical presentation.


Safety is always an employer's concern. Studies show that learning comes from experience, especially an experience of interaction. Twin Springs proposes utilizing all senses available for effective retention and execution of policies and procedures through visual and aural presentations.

We may also combine various graphics creation, web development and other services into the project if desired.

Presentation Videos

We generate documentary like presentations that go beyond glorified slideshows.
We also generate video aimed at detailing products, services, or events in a longer time format from 5-10 minute presentations, to half-hour, hour and beyond infomercials.
Many of these videos combine many services, and will need a detailed meeting before an estimate and quote are given. Most productions of this length cost several thousand dollars for a 10-15 minute video.

Special Effects

We use various software that generate visuals not possible or that may be very expensive to stage with real actors and real objects. We can use 3D graphics to pre-visualize what a building may look like in the field, an older car materializing into a newer one, or just touching up images or video.

Our artists have experience in advanced 3D graphics by using particle systems, video effects, camera tricks, and other techniques to make the unreal look real on the screen.

Live Action and CG Matching

This process involves matching virtual cameras with live-action camera movements, and then placing 3D characters into a live-action scene. This has become common inserting cartoon or un-real animated objects into a scene.

Bring your company's mascot or logo to life and show them interacting with people, by combining this with our Character Animation services!

Character Animation

3D characters have become very popular with movies generated by Pixar, Dreamworks, and others. We can provide very similar quality, yet far from the costs of hundreds of thousands for most animations of the same quality.



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