Email Marketing

We have a database of several thousand entries of both snail mail and email addresses of localized individuals and businesses in the Northwest Arkansas area.

We can utilize this database, and other sources if necessary that could include millions of entries, to mass email important information about your product, services, or events.

Email marketing is an effective form of direct marketing. One of the many advantages is the ability to distribute information to a wide range of specific customers at a very low cost (compared to Direct Mail).

We can track an exact Return-On-Investment figures, as well as combine some Search Engine Marketing in order to combine the two most effective marketing tactics online.

Email Marketing is instant compared to a mailed ad, and lets the advertiser "push" the message to the audience. As opposed to a website that waits for customers, or a TV or Radio ad that could be passed over for another station.

Marketing with Email is also a great way to save some paper, and therefore trees!

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