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Welcome to the Twin Springs Marketing Group.  We develop successful Marketing PR campaigns because they are designed to meet the client's business objectives.  To that end we create leadership positioning for your brands, products or services and generate national media coverage --the power of third-party endorsement-- to increase customer awareness and build brand identity.


Client business goals are the stepping stones around which we develop campaign strategy. Outlined in the Marketing PR proposal are interactive communication tools, specific to a campaign to advance your business interests.  Campaign steps and a timetable for results are clearly stated. We outline the client challenge, the creative designed to meet it, and expected results. 


Outstanding creative is a given for Advertising and Marketing PR campaigns.  Options include: Co-op Print Advertising, Web Development Services, and Maintenance.



Can your business benefit from effective, attention-getting media campaigns? Is your PR routine, unimaginative, uneventful?  Give us a try.  Over and over, our work exceeds client expectations. 


Our goal is to gain your satisfaction with outstanding creative, dedicated service and bottom line value.  We invite you to take advantage of our diverse talents and  marketing and sales directed resources.

Steps to Get Started:

1) Call us:

Discuss what you want to accomplish and your business objectives. We describe professional services that best apply. Based on this initial discussion, schedule a first meeting. ( No meeting fee or any obligation to take the next step.)

We meet to get a clear picture of the assignment and reveal what sets our Marketing PR approach apart from the competition.

2) If you decide you want a proposal, we will do needed research and conduct brainstorm sessions to develop creative ideas for your campaign. No fee is charged for our creative on the blueprint (the document we work from given the client’s “go ahead”).

3) We prepare a proposal listing estimated expenses, the monthly implementation fee, the unique media generating elements exclusive to your campaign, and timeline.

Clients are not held to a yearly contract; we work as long as clients want our services continued. Looking forward to exciting possibilities and meeting your goals.

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