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Export Order Procedures


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1) Place an Order:

  • Client issues original signed Purchase Order to Genesis for orders to be processed.
  • Orders may be emailed to GCMG at rx@genesisny.net with original hard copy mailed to Genesis.
  • Minimum Order of US$100,000.00
  • Orders may be faxed to 212-832-0426 with original hard copy mailed to Genesis.
  • All orders must receive a confirmation of acceptance by Genesis to be valid

    RX Genesis
    590 Madison Avenue
    21st Floor
    New York, New York 10022
    Tel: 212-758-2222
    Fax: 212-832-0426

2) Payment Terms For International Shipments:

  • Payment in US Dollars, FOB x-works, plant or CIF destination port, may be wired directly to Genesis, at the time of order.
  • Customer assumes bank service fees as well as wire transfer bank fees. Letters of Credit must be acceptable, irrevocable and confirmed and/or issued by G7 Bank.
  • All clinical evaluation (Samples) products are charged prior to shipment. Clinical evaluation product charges receive a 100% credit up to US$1,000.00 US towards first order.

3) Delivery time:

  • From receipt of a signed Purchase Order is as follows:
  • In stocked (000) GCMG catalog products is 7 to 14 days, depending on quantity.
  • Special order non-stocked items (i.e. 001 Test Kits) requires up to 4 to 8 weeks
  • Out-of-stock items up to 30-75 days.

4) Shipment Services:

  • F.O.B. X-works plant unless specified. Emergency same day shipments for Test Kits carry a surcharge of US$300.00 handling charge.
  • Economy & Priority Rates; Refrigerated products can only be air shipped using priority services and carry a surcharge.
  • Shipment Tracking is provided 24 hours a day. GCMG maintains online tracking with all major international carriers.
5) Service Handling Fees:
  • US$1,000.00 are applied to special orders under US$100,000.00.
  • Private Label Orders OEM (Your Company Name) have a one time US$1,000.00 charge for setup and US$200.00 charge per order.
  • Minimum Order Releases US$100,000.00 or as scheduled in manufacturing process.

6) Credits, Refunds & Warranties :

  • No Refunds, unless product is found defective in manufacturing process by a thorough analysis done by an acceptable third party lab. If product is found defective then GMP (manufacturer) will replace. Product Credit for performance issues require verification of results, ie: Product name, quantity, expiry & lot #, printout of results & description of issue. Once RA is approved, credit to be issued only upon receipt by GCMG the complete Lot (No Partial Credit Issued On Partial Returns). Submission of a Return Authorization (RA) in writing by Client to GCMG is required for all credits and returns.
  • Product Shelf-life & Warrantees are available on all products as long as the packaging is not tampered with or changed in any form. Minimal useful shelf-life is guaranteed at 12 months from the time of manufacture or as the manufacture warrants.
7) Restricted or Class III Devices:
  • Require special handling and shipment in compliance with FDA regulations.
    Please refer to the following designations on the product list for sale and shipment requirements:
    * = For export only. Not for sale in the U.S.
  • * * = For export only. Not for sale in the U.S. Drop ship only. Direct shipping to country of destination from manufacturer's plant with Importer's Governmental Authorization.
IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER The product lists included on this site are intended for information purposes only. Products listed above are for distribution outside of the USA & Canada as regulated by US Law. All products listed are available for export upon receipt and acceptance by Genesis of required governmental import registrations/documentation in the country of distribution. The product list is not intended to provide complete medical information. Buyers should always obtain complete medical information about the medicines (beneficial medical uses and possible adverse effects) from the product's information leaflet and/or by discussing the appropriate use of any medicine(s) directly with the proper agency/authority in the country of import.

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