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Gelatin (derived from the Latin word ‘gelatus’= forzen or stiff) contains 80-90% protein and is not only used extensively in the pharmaceutical, food and photographic industry, but also in such diverse industries as cosmetics, metal refining, paper, plastics and toiletries.

The raw material for gelatin is the naturally occurring protein, collagen, which is commercially sourced from meat and leather industries. From its earliest rudimentary culinary uses, when boiled up into broth, which when cooled produced a nutritious jelly, gelatin is now manufactured on a commercial scale to stringent technical specifications to meet the demands of variety of industries. Like its parent material, collagen, gelatin is made up of many different amino acids which are the building blocks of all proteins.

Bloom value is a measure of the gel strength of a particular type of gelatin indicating the firmness of the gel. Different bloom strengths are required for different applications and must be considered together with other performance characteristics when selecting a suitable grade of gelatin.

PRODUCTS: We produce gelatin with specific bloom strengths suited to a variety of applications in the pharmaceutical and food industry

Gelatins are suitable for a variety of uses in the pharmaceutical industry, including hard and soft shell capsules, vitamin encapsulation, tablet binding and others.

Product Ranges

Sterling offers limed processed (Type B) Pharmaceutical gelatins with Bloom gel strengths ranging from 150 to 270 (approx.).

Sterling offers a range of pharmaceutical gelatins and grades suitable for specific applications.


Pharmaceutical gelatins are supplied to conform with the current European Pharmacopoeia, also the current BP, USP, or other pharmacopoeia, as required. Generally, the Sterling specifications for pharmaceutical gelatins impose much tighter limits than the pharmacopoeia require. Additional test may be included, such as particle size distribution, viscosity, viscosity degradation, isoionic point, etc, depending upon the customer requirements.

Sterling Gelatin is well equipped to cater to a wide range of specifications as required by the customer.


Hard Shell Gelatin Capsules

Several gelatin types may be used in the manufacture of hard capsules. Traditionally these have all been relatively high Bloom strength gelatins in the range 230-265g Bloom (BSI).

More recently, limed gelatins with lower Bloom strengths in the range 180-230g (BSI) have been used. Sterling produces limed gelatins with Bloom strength in the range 150-270g Bloom, which normally represent a major proportion of the gelatin blend used in hard capsule manufacture.

Soft Shell Gelatin Capsules

160 Bloom limed gelatin has traditionally been the standard gelatin for the manufacture of soft shell capsules.

Detailed information on the physical and chemical properties of Gelatin is available on request.


Gelatin is a natural product, which is classed as a food and not an additive. It is derived from collagen protein contained in the bones of animals. Gelatin is compatible in most systems with other ingredients used in the food industry, i.e. sugars, starches, gums, seasonings, colours and flavourings

Product Range

Sterling offers gelatins with Bloom gel strengths from 150 to 270 and has gelatin grades suitable for a wide range of applications in the food industry.


Typical Specifications

Gelatin is supplied to the following general specifications.

Physical Characteristics

Bloom at 6 2/3%,g
Moisture %
Ash %
Colourless or pale yellow powder or granules
Requested Bloom ±10g
Max 13
Max 2
5.0 - 6.5
Chemical Characteristics Microbiological Characteristics
Arsenic ppm

Max 1

Total count

Max 1000

Lead ppm Max 1 Samonellae in 10 g Absent
Copper ppm Max 30 Coliforms in 0.1g  Absent
Zinc ppm Max 100    
SO2 ppm Max 1000    

Gelatin has many applications in food industry, some of which are given below, on a chart incorporating the suggested Bloom strength to use.

Suggested Bloom Strength
Application 240 220 200 180 160


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Biscuit mallow

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Wine gums / hard gums ediblsymb.jpg (771 bytes) ediblsymb.jpg (771 bytes)

Sterling Gelatin is a division of Sandesara Group of companies involved in manufacturing of gelatin for pharmaceutical and edible uses. We have collaboration with CRODA Colloids, a world leader in gelatin technology, to set up brand new Gelatin manufacturing facility at Baroda, India. The gelatin can be used for food, photographic, cosmetics, metal, refining, paper, plastics, toiletries, collage, meat, leather, jelly, gel, grade, hard, soft, capsules, shell, vitamin, encapsulation, tablet. Jellies ediblsymb.jpg (771 bytes) ediblsymb.jpg (771 bytes)

Jelly babies

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Meat (canned) ediblsymb.jpg (771 bytes) ediblsymb.jpg (771 bytes)

Marshmallows ediblsymb.jpg (771 bytes) ediblsymb.jpg (771 bytes)

Mousse ediblsymb.jpg (771 bytes)

Pastilles ediblsymb.jpg (771 bytes) ediblsymb.jpg (771 bytes)

Pies ediblsymb.jpg (771 bytes)

Soups (consomme) ediblsymb.jpg (771 bytes) ediblsymb.jpg (771 bytes) ediblsymb.jpg (771 bytes)

Yoghurt ediblsymb.jpg (771 bytes) ediblsymb.jpg (771 bytes)

Table creams ediblsymb.jpg (771 bytes)

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