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Genesis Capital Management Group, Ltd. and its partner Yingkou Laurel Packaging, Ltd . would like to introduce new developments in Yingkou, China.

A feasibility study was performed and our logistical transportation division determined that the Yingkou site was a prime location for a multifunction manufacturing and shipping infrastructure.

The new 5 acre facility is strategically located in the Yingkou Economic & Technological Development Zone in the New Harbor, less than 500 feet from the Shen Da Freeway, 8 km from Chang da railway and facing the National Highway #202 that connects Dailin City to northern China and northward to Russia. The New Harbor is the second largest harbor in Liaoning Province in northeast China and offers yearlong navigation and connection to more than 140 harbors in 40 countries.

While competition in the global market and the need for US-based corporate manufacturing increases, Genesis spearheads the evolution by providing complete turnkey manufacturing and service centers to all foreign corporations resulting in larger profit margins.

New & High-Tech Development Zone

Genesis Acquisitions

As an investment firm, Genesis is presently looking to the following industries as JV partners or direct acquisition of complete manufacturing plants and/or technology:

  • New Building Materials ( Commercial & Residential )
  • Environmental Products ( Highway Sound Barriers, Solar Energy, etc. )
  • New Technologies For Infra-structure Projects ( Composite High Pressure Water Pipes, Polymer Tech, etc. )
Preferential Policies

Genesis provides the following services to International Corporations

Complete logistics for companies needing to enter the Asian markets for JV's in service development and manufacturing

  • Available new space and facilities at our plant in the Yingkou Economic & Technological Development Zone 3.5 miles from the New Harbor, the international port in the Bayuquan district with a natural 50 foot draft. The the 2nd largest and fastest growing port in Northeast China.
  • Additional port space and facilities at the New & High-Tech Development Zone 20 miles north from Bayuquan Port, ( Click Map Above )
  • The lowest available cost in fixed overhead for you and your JV partner
  • Favorable tax incentives
  • Favorable land policies
  • Incubator Center Rental policies
  • Unlimited local technological work force
  • Venue to meet with senior administration and other policy makers
  • Complete third party local due diligence services
  • Partial List of Industries in Yingkou, China
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Development In Yingkou
Courtesy of Yingkou Economic & Technical Development Zone Administrative Committee

The Investment Environment

Great achievement has been made in attracting foreign investment, there are 28 countries and regions invested here. The accumulated approved projects totaled 541:

  • among which 76 projects are over US $5 million
  • 52 projects with over US $10 million
  • contracted investment is US $1.19 billion
  • accumulated fix assets investment is US $15.4 billion
  • infrastructure investment is US $3.83 billion

The completed key infrastructure projects, such as the port, power plant, railway systems, street and roads have a direct connection with the long-term development of this zone.

In the year 2002, the handling capacity of the port reached 30 million tons, containers 0.3 million TEU, rating No.11 in China. The Port Surrounding Industrial Area, Green Industrial Area, Metallurgical & Chemical Industrial Area, Foreign Investment Industrial Area, Logistics, Commercial & Trade Area, Executive and Commercial Area, Tourism, Touring & Vacationing Resort Area and other functional areas have taken shape.

The logistical importance of Yingkou Port:

Northeast China includes four provinces; Heilongjiang, JI Lin, Liaoning and part of Inner Mongolia. These provinces depend on two major outlets for the distribution of their goods. With the two main ports in Liaoning Province Dailin and Yingkou, one can see the strategic importance of Yingkou Port's fast development as the northern most, all season, navigable port.

The main surrounding industrial cities Shen yang ( Heavy Machinery Manufacturing / BMW), Liao yang ( Chemicals ), Panjin ( PetroChemicals ), An shan ( Steel Mills ), Ben xi ( Steel Mills ), Changchun ( Auto Manufacturing ) Fu shun ( PetroChemicals / Steel ), and Haerbin ( Light Industry & Crude Oil ) require the port transportation services to the south in order to deliver their products to their clients overseas.

Since Yingkou Port is located 150 miles north of Dailin, this converts to an immediate savings to all of the manufacturers in the above cities, (converting to a cash savings of 200 to 300 USD in inland transportation costs per truck or container shipment to the port). With this formula, Yingkou Port has been able to attract a major portion of the existing overseas traffic and grow to a tune of 40% per year within the last 5 to 7 years.

The two main development zones in Yingkou:

1.New & High-Tech Development Zone
In Yingkou City, the port is located in the entrance of Hun, Tai and Liao River with access to the sea. (Chart Shown Top)
Located in the west of the city, the area covers 28 square kilometers. Liao he River borders the north end of the zone and Liao dong Bay the west. It is 6 kilometers from the zone to Yingkou Old Harbor ( 5 million tons throughput) and 40 kilometers to Yingkou New Harbor in the Bayuquan district (planned throughput 100 million tons in 2010.) The planned Liao he Bridge and Seaside Highway will link the zone directly to the New Harbor.

2. Yingkou Economic & Technological Development Zone
In Bayuquan District, the port is located in the Liao dong Bay of Bohai Sea.
(Hereinafter Yingkou Development Zone) is a State-level Economic & Technological Development Zone, located in the middle of Liao dong Peninsula, at the seaside of Bohai, 40 km south to Yingkou City. It is situated in the range of 40°15' longitude and 122°8' latitude, 210 km north to Shen yang and 180 km south to Dalian. The area is 268 square kilometers with a growing population of over 300,000. The annual average temperature is 9.8 degrees centigrade, and the annual precipitation, 545.90mm. With a perfect city planning condition in the zone, any kind of project can be satisfied efficiently. The existing infrastructure includes roads, electricity, communications, broadband internet, CATV, water, drainage, gas, heating and flat land.

Another favorable consideration for the future growth:

Russia New Siberia projects 20 million tons per year of Crude and proposes to use an eastern pipe for their exports. The Yingkou Port as a proposed site, would benefit directly on this project.

Port Container Information

Yingkou COSCO International Container Terminal Co., Ltd is a joint venture of COSCO China and Yingkou Port Authority. With berth length of 309 meters, it can have two ships of 5,000 dwt anchored at the same time and have one ship of 150,000 dwt anchored. The annual capacity is up to 150 thousand TEU's. It is the only modern container terminal of Yingkou Port which operates domestic and international containers. The vast hinterland of Northeast China and its superior geographical environment make it fit to handle ships, interchange and warehouse containers and cargoes.
Yingkou COSCO International Container Terminal Co., Ltd accepts all container ships, semi-container ships, reefer ships and roll on/off ships and it also relates its business to container transit, warehousing, vanning and devanning repair and cleaning, equipment leasing, forwarding, etc.

Yingkou Port


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