Genesis Capital Management Group, Ltd.

Genesis Credit Facilities
Genesis provides various kinds of credit facilities designed to meet a particular clients requirements. Each program uses a specific type of collateral and provides a debt service structure tailored to the borrower's cash flow. Integral cash reserves allow the client the flexibility of interest only or amortized payments. The facilities are underwritten by well known major financial institutions.

The following is a brief outline of this program. Since much of what we do is proprietary, we require a letter of intent and a confidentiality agreement from the borrower before we can move further. These documents are for the protection of both parties.

Sample of available Lending Programs:

  • Competitive interest rates.
  • Interest is based on daily Prime Rate plus or minus discounts.
  • Term 3 to 15 years.
  • Repayment Options: Payment amount amortized over term of loan or interest only payments with cash reserves.
  • Loan Amounts: Ten Million US ($10,000,000.) minimum, upward loan limit depends on client credit worthiness.
  • Closings: as early as 45 - 90 days from issuance of commitment letter and receipt of acceptable collateral.
  • Fees:
    No up front fees with clients acceptable collateral, see A & B below . Advisory fees are payable at the time funds are drawn down. Minimal fees are due at the time of loan commitment.
Project Requirements:

For a full and proper evaluation of the Project's merits, please have the Borrower forward the following documents to the offices of Genesis Capital Management Group, Ltd. via overnight courier:

  • A letter of intent addressed to Genesis Capital Management Group, Ltd., indicating a request for financing, the amount to be financed, and the use of funds.
    • Company & principals legal name.
    • Company Federal ID and principals Social Security number.
    • Companies telephone, fax, e-mail number, and legal address.
    • Principals telephone, fax, e-mail number, and legal home address.
    • Clear copy of Principals passports if not U.S. citizens. Including front of passport and photo pages with signature pages.
    • Corporate and personal financial statements for the past three years, including footnotes.
    • A description of the Borrowers current business activities, including a corporate history / overview and breakdown of management structure.
    • A description and overview of the project's goals / aims / activities, including a project rationale.
    • Full projections for the next five years of the Project, including a full explanation of financial assumptions.
    • A description of any legal action pending or finalized related to the project and / or principal or which affects or may affect the financial well being of the project or principals.
    • Three trade references and one bank reference, to include name and address of institutions, contact person, telephone, fax and e-mail numbers.
Please forward the above documents to:

Genesis Capital Management Group, Ltd.

Tel: 479-361-1211

Upon the receipt and analysis of the above documents, a meeting between Genesis Capital Management Group, Ltd. and the Principal may be scheduled in New York so as to properly review and negotiate a potential lending offer. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. At your convenience, please call us so that we may fax you our preliminary, Project Information Form to start the process.

Genesis and its Affiliates' responsibilities may be described as follows:

  • To provide oversight, coordination and syndication of the entire lending process.
  • Be available, for presentations to the lender, with the various financial institutions attending.
  • Prepare documentation and programming in compliance with all applicable state and federal law and regulations.

Collateral Alternatives:

  • A: Client Issues An Acceptable Letter Of Credit, Confirmed By A G-7 Bank .
    Japan, the United States, France, Germany, Italy, Canada, and the United Kingdom.
  • B: Client Provides An Acceptable Surety Bond, Issued By An Investment Grade Insurance Company :
  • C: Genesis Assists In Providing An Acceptable Surety Bond By Credit Enhancing Clients Portfolio: (Retainer Required)
Non-Solicitation Clause
As Follows:

"This information does not constitute a solicitation to lend in any particular program. Rather, it provides an overview of our credit facilities available to the general public in compliance with law."

For Additional Information Please send E-mail to: