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Genesis Investment Programs

We are in the business of providing, amongst other services, syndications and private placements constituting a unique and highly successful array of investment opportunities through well known major money center brokerage firms and investment institutions. A list of our references is available at your request.

As a private New York international trade and finance firm, Genesis has built its reputation on the experience and expertise of its professional staff. We provide Unique investment vehicles on a syndicated basis, taking the best from a vast array of different investment vehicles, we look for relatively low risk to the client investor, through a provision of guarantees on principal via U.S. Treasuries.

This program utilizes the purchase of a particular type of US security, of a specific term. This allows the program to generate risk free capital for investment purposes. The program provides a guaranty on the principal and provides a high annual yield to the investor.

After providing a reserve fund from those funds to guarantee the existing yield for the investor, Genesis then designates two or three investment houses, including a major International Money Center Brokerage Firm, a Stock Option Hedge Trading Group, and Genesis or the Fiduciary, who together have the capabilities of providing the investor with a significantly higher yield than the yield on their current investments, at relatively low risk.

Of course, this is simply a skeletal outline of this program, since much of it is proprietary information that we cannot divulge until we obtain a letter of interest and authorization to proceed further from the interested party, as well as a confidentiality agreement for the protection of all parties.

The Investor's responsibility in applying for our investment program is to provide:

  • Written confirmation of free and clean funds available for investment.
  • Documentation that the investment funds are wholly owned by the Investor, free and clear of all liens, judgments or other encumbrances.
  • Confirmation that the Investor is either the principal or a representative of the corporation, trust, partnership or government agency and that the representative has the discretionary right and authorization to invest the funds, and if the discretion is limited, to provide those limitations so we can determine if the program can comply with those limitations and still satisfy the goals of the investor.
  • Written acknowledgment that all investments have a certain degree of risk, and that, subject to any guarantees granted by the program, written acknowledgment that the investor is assuming those risks, waiving any claims against the program and its participants as long as those guarantees are met
Genesis and its Affiliates' responsibilities are to provide:

  • Oversight, coordination and syndication of entire investment process.
  • Be available, for presentations to the investor, with the various financial institutions attending.
  • Prepare documentation and programming in compliance with all applicable state and federal law and regulations.
  • Provide written notice to the investor that it is not soliciting their group to invest, but is presenting this program by invitation only.
Non-Solicitation Clause
As Follows:

"This information does not constitute a solicitation to invest in any particular program. Rather, it provides an overview of our investment programs to the general investment public in compliance with law."

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