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Golf Safety  

Golf Cart Safety Courtesy of Yamaha Golf
At Genesis Golf, we are committed to the safe and fun use of all of our products. For this reason, we have included this section which will describe some of the safe operating practices that you can implement to make your Golf Cart experience a pleasant one.

Here are some basic things to remember when operating a golf car:

  • Only authorized people should drive the golf car, from the driver’s side only, and only in designated areas.
  • Do not allow more than two people to ride in a golf car designed for two passengers. This golf car is restricted to two occupants.
  • Do not operate the golf car while under the influence of alcohol or drugs; their effect on vision and judgment make operating a golf car dangerous.
  • Keep your entire body inside the golf car, remain seated, and hold on when the car is in motion.
  • Do not start the golf car until all occupants are seated.
  • Keep your hands on the steering wheel and your eyes on the path ahead.
  • Use extra care in congested areas or when backing up. Always back up slowly, and watch carefully.
  • Avoid starting or stopping abruptly. 
  • Vary the speed of the golf car to match the terrain of the course.
  • Avoid turning the steering wheel too sharply at higher speeds.
  • Always drive slowly straight up or straight down slopes – never at an angle.

If you own a Golf Car and have any questions about operating safety, please refer to your owners manual, or feel free to contact us.