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Please contact us via e-mail or at the above telephone numbers, prior to applying for lease contract. You will need detailed product specification and a total purchase price for the application process.
Advantages Of Leasing:
  • 100% Financing
  • Conserve Working Capital
  • Preserve Existing Credit Capacity
  • Flexible Payments Available
  • Includes Delivery & Other Soft Costs
  • Fixed Rate Financing
  • Potential Tax Savings*
  • Off-Balance Sheet Financing*
* Based on type of lease. Consult your tax advisor.
Financing Options:
  • Dollar Out:
    This type lease, also called a "finance lease," is the simplest of all and very popular for smaller ticket items. The customer has the option of buying the equipment for only $1 at the end of the lease with no further payment.
  • FMV with a Cap:
    This type lease is identical to the FMV, but the FMV is capped at a predetermined % or $ amount of the original lease. The customer has the option of purchasing the equipment, at the end of the lease, for the preset amount. This option results in a midrange lease payment.
  • Municipal Leases:
    This type lease financing is typically available to municipalities, such as schools, city or county governments or other municipal entities. These rates are lower because of the favorable tax treatment applicable to the interest paid to the recipient.
  • Fixed Purchase Option Lease:
    This type lease defers a portion of the payment to the end of the lease term in the form of a balloon payment. The balloon payment, often referred to as the "residual value," has the effect of lowering the monthly payment.
  • T. R. A. C. Leases:
    This type lease financing is reserved for transportation equipment sometimes referred to as over-the-road equipment.