Genesis White Beach Silica Sand Concessions

Suriname Map

Suriname White Beach Silica Sand Concession

Particle Size Analysis

Washed Red River Sand
A. Sieve Size / Sand Fraction        
Unwashed White Silica Sand B. Sand Particle Diameter        
  C. % Retained        
  Soil Separate % A No. 10 No. 18 No. 35 No. 60 No. 100 No. 270
Sand Silt & Clay B Gravel 2mm V. Course 1mm Course 0.5mm Medium 0.25mm Fine 0.15mm V. Fine 0.05mm
Red 99.30 0.70 C 1.90 12.70 34.00 36.10 11.60 3.00
White 98.60 1.40 C 0.00 0.90 27.10 41.70 18.50 10.40
          ASTM C-33     Plaster sand Plaster sand

For Delivery CFR basis, Caribbean, Mexico & USA
Extremely Competitive Prices in USD
Shipment Quantities: 6,000 to 12,000 metric tons +- 10%
12,000 tons per month are available to load
Washed and can be screened to spec
3 million ton reserves
Shipment : In bulk
Shipment Schedule: Within 30 days of receipt of Buyers acceptable L/C
Material: White Beach Silica Sand
Payment via G7 bank L/C.

Request For Quote Form

    Port Information:
    Berth length 600 feet, 24,000 ton vessels able to dock at berth.
    Loading rate: Min. 4,000 tons per day.
    The max. port draft is 21 ft
    Loading of vessels can also be done mid stream on a safe anchorage on the Suriname River off the deck of barges 5 to 6 km from the loading dock shown.

    Physical inspections is available:

  • Upon signing of buy/sell contract. Buyer issues within ten days an acceptable payment to Genesis. Buyer is welcome to inspect at loading.

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