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Level One Advertisements
Sponsor: Dickson St. Home Page Placement

Monthly Rates

Option A:

  • Prominent recognition of Client's logo on top of Home Page, rotating Banner, business logo / graphics supplied by the Client and link to Client's web site.
  • Advertising on selected media outlets throughout Northwest Arkansas.
  • Publicity on all media releases
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    Option B:
  • Button Supplied by Client, On DicksonSt.com Home Page, with a link to Client's site.
  • $1,000.00 per month
    Level Two

    Sponsor: Dickson St. Page Placement In A Selected Category / Sectors:
    Entertainment, Dining & Bars, Hotels, Transportation, Services, Non-Profits, Real
    Estate, Shopping & The Square


    Option With Video:

    Showcase By Sector Hyperlink Ad within a Sector
    $450.00 per month

    Option A:

    Shared Showcase In Sector Hyperlink Ad within a Sector

    $250.00 per month
    Option C:  

    Banner rotating at the top of the page, within a Sector; your business logo / graphics supplied by Client, which will be displayed at the corresponding rotating section within the Dicksonst.com web site. Hyperlink to your existing web page.
    Hotwire Best Travel Fares

    $145.00 per month

    Option D:

    Button Logo / graphic only, no text: supplied by Client, with hyperlink to your existing web page.

    $100.00 per month
    Member Listing
  • Listing on DicksonSt.com web site.
  • If you are not listed, please email us with your merchant information dicksonst@twinsprings.net.
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    Special Note:

    1. DicksonSt.com is an information web site sponsored by Twin Springs Media Group. "TSMG"

    2. The Dickson St. logo is a registered trademark of . Sponsors may use the logo in advertising or promotional materials with the expressed written consent of TSMG. All requests for the use of the logo must be submitted to TSMG., along with example usage, for approval prior to use. TSMG. may withhold its consent to use the logo for any reason it deems necessary.

    3. Failure to pay any portion of your fee on or before the date due as indicated on the contract or any invoice sent by Twin Springs Group, Inc. shall result in a forfeiture of your sponsors rights.

    4. Sponsors are entitled to the rights and benefits associated with the level indicated in the “Sponsors Opportunities” section of the contract. TSMG. reserves the right to make non-material modifications to those benefits from time to time.

    5. Sponsors understand that certain benefits to the sponsors require information or input by the Sponsor. Failure to provide the information or input by the dates requested may result in a forfeiture of the benefit for which it was required.

    6. TSMG has the right, upon request, to require Sponsors to provide an independent appraisal of the value of certain in-kind trades prior to acceptance of such trades as credit toward Sponsors contribution.

    7. TSMG shall not be responsible for damages that result from unforeseen cancellations on special events due to acts (weather, for example) beyond the control of TSMG.

    8. Sponsors fees are payable 100% upon contract signing, as first agreed to. Sponsors shall supply logos, positioning statements, art, etc. in flat or electronic formats as requested.

    8. All prices posted are subject to change.