Varna Bulgaria Port Information
Port of Varna 1906-2000
Chairman - Tatyana Stefanova
Managing Director - Stoyan Shtumpf
Head Office
1 Slavejkov Sq.
9000 Varna
Phone: +359 52 632 166 *Fax: +359 52 632 166

Port of Varna - West

Total wharf length - 3432 m.
Max. depth - 33 ft.
Suited and used for handling bulk cargoes - coal, coke, phosphorite, apatite, ores, chemicals, sugar and cement (clinker)
Mechanized units for handling calcinated soda and urea
Container terminal is operated
Handling of cargoes in bags, packages and pallets
Handling of liquid cargoes

Port of Varna
Port of Varna - East

Total wharf length - 2072 m.
Max. depth - 36 ft.
Suited and used for handling general cargoes, machines, technical equipment, metals, fertilizers and grain
Container terminal operated
Port of Varna

Black Sea - Varna Lake Canal

Total length - 12.5 miles
Max. depth - 30 ft.
Channel 1 allows passage of vessels with max. airdraught of 41.5 m.
Max. speed 6 knots

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