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  • Product: Prilled & Granular Urea 46N, (NH2-CO-NH2)
  • Origin: Russia & CIS
  • Packing: In Bulk or 50kgs bags. Bag printed per Buyer's instructions and 2% extra bags at nil charge to Buyer, as required.
  • Shipping: Minimum loads of 12.5k, 25k and 50k (Buyer's option)
  • Delivery: All deliveries priced on CFR ASWP (insurance add to price $3/mt)
  • Payment: Irrevocable, transferable, revolving DLC (for duration of contract) issued by a G7 bank or confirmed by a G7 bank (at Buyer's cost) and payable at sight in the USA with debit authorization from bank to bank.
  • Comments: A dry material in granularly or prilled form, urea-N rapidly hydrolyzes to NH4+. Used for direct application,in mixed fertilizers,and in liquid nitrogen. N at application is present as urea-N. Within 1 day after application, about 66% of urea-N is hydrolyzed to ammonia-N; all within 1 week. When not incorporated, significant N loss by volatilization can occur until approximately 0.5 inch of rain has fallen.
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Russian GOST Standard 2081- 92
Physical Urea Properties
Nitrogen min. 46%
Moisture max. 0.5%
Prill 90% 1-4 MM max
Biuret 1.00% max.
Granulation 1-3 mm max.
Melting Point 132 °C
Color Pure white prilled crystal
Free Flowing 100%
Free Ammonia 160 P X T PPM max.
Solubility 100%
Other Free from any harmful substance
  Contains anti-caking agents
Specifications Subject To Change

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