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Other trade names: Garrote, Amarelao, Bagasse, Jawahedan
Scientific name: Bagassa guianensis
Family: Moraceae

Wood Description

Color: yellow becoming dark maroon on sun exposure
: frequently but slightly interlocked
Texture: medium to coarse

Technological Characteristics

Green weight: 1100 kg/m3
Specific gravity at 12% MC: 795 kg/m3 (medium to heavy)
Tangential shrinkage (T%): 5.2
Radial shrinkage (R%): 3.7
Crushing strength at 12% MC:  78 N/mm2
Modulus of elasticity at 12% MC: 17300 N/mm2 


Sawing: power required
Blunting effect: very slight
Drying: no important risks
Risk of distortion: very slight to slight
Risk of checking: very slight 


Decay: very good
Termites: good
Insects of dry woods: good


Flooring, cabinet work, exterior and interior joinery, stairs, carpentry, moulding, wooden house 

(extracted from “Tropical Timber Atlas of Latin America”, published by the International Tropical Timber Organization and Centre Technique Forestier Tropical)

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