Genesis Rice For Export


Genesis Rice For Export

Product Origins:
USA, Thailand, India, Vietnam and Pakistan

    Rice Farms

  • USA & World Affiliates

    World wide production operations that grow quality long and medium grain rice. One of our processors located in the heart of rice country in the USA, has access to the latest technological advancements known to production agriculture.

    In Arkansas, all land is precision graded to conserve our greatest resource: water. The farm's fertility and herbicide program is monitored closely to maximize the output on each acre. On-farm grain storage provides immediate processing of the rice crop to be marketed at a later time. During the off-season, a waterfowl haven exists. Farm tours are always available for any of our domestic or international clients.

  • FYI, Texan Rice

    In general, the varieties of rice that grow well in Texas are of a harder cooking variety than those grown in other regions. Rice contains two carbohydrate components - amilopectin and amilose. The amount of amilose controls the firmness of the rice and runs an average of 22 % to 24 % in Texas. A higher percentage of amilose leaves the rice firmer: a lower percentage, as found in other rice growing areas, leaves the rice softer. In addition, the gelatinization temperature (the temperature at which grains absorb water) of Texas rice is higher than that of rice grown in other areas. When water absorbs at lower temperatures, rice tends to become over cooked - one more problem Texas rice does not suffer.

  • Basmati Rice

    As it has been for many years, Long Grain Indian Basmati Rice is grown in the foothills of Himalayas and elsewhere around North India, including Punjab which has today earned the sobriquet 'the rice bowl of India'. As one of its important business portfolios, Genesis has been exporting fine quality Basmati Rice to buyers in the United Kingdom and the United States where there exists an ever growing demand from the hotel and restaurant industry.

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