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Schenley OFC

Since 1955, OFC is the Original Fine Canadian whisky that offers better value with its taste and quality characteristics. Whisky connoisseurs around the world recognize OFC as the BEST tasting whisky and have endorsed the products by awarding it 19 gold medals in 21 Monde Sélection competitions (the annual Olympics of wine and spirits).

  • OFC the most decorated Canadian whisky in the world.
  • Aged 8 years in wooden barrels. OFC sets the standard worldwide for smooth and mellow taste.
  • Not to be sold in the U.S. and Canada, or any territory were Seagrams Distributes directly.
  • 12 bottles per case.
  • Minimum quantity 1000 cases.
Product SKU
200 Schenley OFC, 40% alc./vol. Call In U.S.A. 212-758-2222
Sales World Wide Available in limited basis, 750 ml C.S.P.C. No. +002766

Import Labels
Available per request at minimal costs.

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