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Northwest Arkansas Art Patrons

We extend a personal invitation to you, your family and friends to attend an evening of music and entertainment while viewing the art of some of the finest artists in the Northwest Arkansas area.

Please view our home page on a regular basis to receive information on the venue & schedule time.

Please confirm your attendance and participation with our office at your earliest convenience by e-mailing at art@genesisny.net we will place you on our email server for event notification.

Dear Business Associate and Art Patron,

ART EXPO of NORTHWEST ARKANSAS, a special endeavor to promote the arts and education in the Northwest Arkansas area, is being presented as a venue to showcase the works of leading local artists.

As a local community event ART EXPO NWA is continuing to encourage sponsorships for support of the development and expansion of the arts in Northwest Arkansas. It is with this in mind that we invite your participation on any level.

" There is an artist in everyone of us.
Believe in the arts and the artists " ~



Advantages for Artists showing at the “Art Expo NWA” Virtual Gallery

1. Relationships with local galleries, Art Expo NWA provides new venues for the gallery resident artists to be showcased.
2. Being part of a national database of NWA artists.
3. AEN Designs and host the artist personal works on the ever growing website
www.artexponwa.org which in turn is sponsored world wide by the Genesis Virtual Art
Museum Foundation.
4. Having unlimited sales personnel working on your behalf at no cost to you, since our
corporate guidelines mandate that we pay commissions to any one person who helps
sell the work.
5. Mention of artists names on all of AEN media releases, print, radio, television
and AEN websites. (www.dicksonst.com / www.nwaguide.net)
6. We help setup interviews in your behalf with the various media channels that we have
alliances with, pending their time slot availability. (example: Univision, Fox, CAT, KPBI,
KFDF, KXUN, Nightflying Magazine, Jones Center TV, 104.9 x, KVAF Public Radio, etc..
7. Art Expo NWA is promoted monthly through a variety of media to all NWA residents,
soon to become ubiquitous in the NWA art community.
8. We are affiliated with the World Trade Center of Arkansas, providing our member artists with international exposure to all of the international delegations visiting Northwest Arkansas on a monthly basis. In addition to our affiliation with other Local & International Art Galleries.
9. Ongoing negotiations with areas hotels, airlines, and transport companies to increase
the attendance for the NWA events.
10. Public Relations Marketing Campaigns : (5000+ Database HNW individuals in NWA)
11. Personal calling by committee members on NWA Local Art Sponsors,
members and over 900 CEO’s of large local companies.
12. Ever expanding e-mail list of 4000 art aficionados.
13. Mass mailings via “Snail mail” to VIP clients.
14. More to come!

Sponsorships Available Call 479-361-1211

NW Arkansas Children's Shelter Cash Donation By Members of Art Expo NWA

To Director: Jack Eaton, July

E-Mail: art@genesisny.net